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Forum pbp Forum waysoftheearths hinterlands pbp moderators: For instance lets say i have castlevania so it would look like this. Yes — you have to write well in forum roleplay! Thar Shaddin is a forum based play-by-post pbp roleplaying game that takes place in an isolated region of the medieval fantasy world of Pal Tahrenor. Persistent World Roleplay forum run by the community where all roleplays take place in the same universe. The conversion of a campaign of nearly five years running to play-by-post format, due to scheduling issues.

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Contact us about this article Happy Halloween, Gaians! You must be the worst scientist ever. Secondly, I was far too busy passing out candy to costumed children to write up a proper report yesterday! Originally I had wanted to emulate one of my personal childhood idols and hand out candy that taught children lessons about their selfish and impetuous natures, but unfortunately my attempts at modifying chocolate to inflate children into massive blueberry-like spheres were unsuccessful.

So, I just handed out normal candy bars while dressed in a gorilla costume. Not a bad Halloween. Seven Day Love has evolved, and both Monstrosity and Emerald Dream have their spectacular finales today!

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Seven Day Love : On Tuesday I fell in love with the school idol, a frivolous flirt who spewed words of love. I tried to approach him, but he was constantly surrounded by a group of adoring fans and I realized his heart would never belong to only me.

On Wednesday I fell in love with the school baseball star, a serious athlete with a righteous streak. I cheered for him from the sidelines, but while I tried again and again to connect our hearts, his attention never left the field.

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Monstrosity : At last, on the final page, there are the last few lines of text, written in the same hand, albeit far more calmly. The policeman reading discerns that it must have been written after the redactions and destruction of the book, before it was abandoned on the floor.

I have destroyed as much of my research as I could, to make this right, to make it so it will never be repeated, before I go. I was not able to bring myself to deconstruct my creation I have left it on the table in the attic. Do with it what you will, it will no longer matter to me.

In my former documentation, I lied about how I procured the I had tested the procedure on animals before, and found that it was ineffective once the bodies were more than 12 hours old.

I was eager I could not wait for the bodies to appear in the morgue on their own. The odds of enough people compatible with the experiment all dying within a few hours of each other were astronomical.

And so… "I have listed the names of four men and one woman below. I meant well. Later, the doctor's shoes will be found on a nearby riverbank, and police will conclude that he took the poison and walked into the water, driven by the guilt and horror at what he had done.

They will also find evidence that despite his attempts, some of his machinery had continued to run long after he left it, and finally surged and burned out. However, this is all the police find. The abomination mentioned in the journal, the construct that never woke, had vanished, just as its father did.

Many years later, the journal will disappear from police evidence, and never be missed. Emerald Dream : The Dreamer and her travel companions arrive back in the city of Emeraude, where they are greeted with surprising warmth by the Showmaster. A great ceremony in their honor is held in the center of the glittering city of Emeraude.

The Dreamer, the Superficialist, the Connoisseur, the Waif, and even little Milo all stand on an elevated platform surrounded by cheering citizens. They scream all the more loudly as the Showmaster appears from behind a curtain, but he motions for their silence.

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The witch is dead! He turns towards the Dreamer and her friends with a crooked half-smile. I know what your hearts truly desire, friends -- and I can help.

The Connoisseur receives the gift of Passion, stitched as a bright red heart across his chest.

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The three seem delighted with their gifts, but as the Showmaster approaches the Dreamer, his expression is far more serious.

He settles a hand lightly on her shoulder before turning his back to the crowd to speak solely to her.

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A smile illuminates her face as she picks up Milo and moves to stand closer to her new friends, each one now a familiar, beloved face. The color, the warmth and vivid brightness of it all, the magic and wonder -- compared to what she used to know, it was all too beautiful and perfect.

No, the Dreamer is resolved. She knows what her heart truly desires now. I want to stay here.

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Can you believe we had two finales at the same time? Science is truly a glorious thing. Know what else is glorious? Looking at these marvels up close in La Victoire! Sometimes not knowing is the better alternative.

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