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Friday, September 27, 2019 11:18:49 PM

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First, be sure nothing else is already using your Internet connection. Will You Notice a Faster Connection? On the other hand, remember that your connection is shared between all the people, devices, and apps on your house.

Internet Speed Recommendations

So yes, you may not need a faster connection to watch Netflix on the highest HD quality setting. But you might need a faster connection if several people wanted to watch Netflix in HD at the same time or if you wanted to use Netflix at high-quality while downloading a large video game or other large file at the same time.

Download speeds can increase dramatically with faster connections.

Should You Pay More For a Faster Internet Connection?

For streaming, you only require a certain amount of speed. For Netflix HD streaming, Netflix says it will take 5.

  • There are three of us when my youngest daughter is home from college.
  • Barb Gonzalez is a former freelance contributor to Lifewire and the Simple Tech Guru, an advocate for simple, understandable technology.
  • This has major implications for media businesses.
  • Some examples are LiveStream. I use YouTube because it is the most popular, many people have the YouTube app on their devices, and it is free to use.
  • Your ISP will attempt to sell you a gigabit worth of bandwidth on the premise that bigger is always better. A report from Akamai , showed the average internet connection was just

Music streams require much less bandwidth than video streams. Take all this into account.

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  • How Much Internet Speed do I REALLY need?

But upgrading from 5 Mbps to 15 Mbps would definitely give you some wiggle room, allowing you to handle multiple streams or a stream and some downloads without problems.

The most important is download speed—the speed you can download something from a remote server.

Minimum internet speeds: YouTube TV, AT&T TV Now, Sling TV and more

ISPs normally trumpet and promote their high download speeds. The other is upload speed—the speed at which you can upload something to a remote server. This is often dramatically slower than the download speed in an equivalent plan, but it can matter.

For example, when syncing files to Dropbox, uploading photos to Facebook, putting videos on YouTube, or having a Skype video call, your upload speed can make a difference.

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