College Basketball On Tv Week 12

Monday, November 18, 2019 2:05:14 AM

So we're breaking down the poll here each week. Here's an in-depth look at this week's Top 25 released Jan. Week 7 in mid-December, and this week, Week

Behind the numbers of the Week 12 Top 25

At the same time, she tops the national leaderboards in true shooting percentage for the second consecutive season, up from Her overall usage rate is up a tick from Her overall rebounding has improved, too.

College Basketball on TV: Week 12

Remember her high usage? She has posted the sixth lowest turnover rate 6. Per Synergy Sports, she ranks in the th percentile in overall halfcourt individual production. Gustafson has finished Iowa halfcourt possessions with either a drawn foul, shot attempt or turnover.

She has scored to the tune of 1.

The four players ahead of her have used just 12, 12, 11 and 24 possessions, respectively. The next closest among players that have used at least possessions: 1.

Men's College Basketball Week 12 TV and Announcer Schedule

Gustafson has managed 1. Frame the argument any which way. The top scorer followed last season up to the tune of even greater efficiency. Amid all the talk of parity, be sure carve out some time to appreciate a dominant player scoring with relative ease in a way we may never see again.

Gustafson and the No. Notre Dame falls at Miami What was that?

Viewer's Guide: Week 6

Those are two possessions at two very different points in the game. The common thread: The Fighting Irish starting five looked completely out of sorts. The first quarter sequence never got off the ground, amounting to little more than five people staring at each other.

The first play of the fourth quarter was also a head-scratcher. They had clearly set up an Elevator play, but was Brianna Turner really supposed to be the one to make that pass to the right wing from the opposite elbow?

We know the defending champs are hurting for depth. Hof, Mompremier lead the way Emese Hof and Beatrice Mompremier dominated the game from start to finish in the paint. Notre Dame has struggled mightily to contain dribble penetration at times this season in their zone. On that night they also beat up inside.

What college football games are on TV on Saturday? Week 12 schedule

The high post catches came too easy. When they fail to set their defense, they get fewer stops. Fewer stops keep them from their lethal transition game.

Without the transition game, their offense struggles to keep pace with opponents, especially when Muffet McGraw is forced to lean on her bench.

It only hurts the game when new viewers tune in to see a game brought to a screeching halt to spend several minutes reviewing a common foul. Mabrey firing away The Irish remain a top-heavy 3-point shooting team.

Georgetown and Marquette head coaches James Howard and Carolyn Kieger were wired for the entire game, and that audio was patched over the game feed. In lieu of a traditional broadcast team on the call, you heard both head coaches for the full 40 minutes.

They extended that access into every stoppage in play; there were no commercial breaks save for halftime. We did get a peek into both locker rooms at halftime, though the entire break was not patched in, which was understandable.

A few more notes on the unique broadcast: The audio levels of the coaches was a bit low, and the crowd noise needed to be dialed back a bit.

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The constant video feed of the coaches adds very little, whereas viewers on mobile or smaller TVs may have struggled to digest what was happening on the floor.

Kieger appeared to huddle with her staff at each timeout and jot down bullet point notes on what she would discuss with the group. Every staff surely does this to some degree, but it was interesting seeing that collaborative process playing out in real time with the audio patched in.

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