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Sunday, October 20, 2019 7:56:27 AM

What country are you in and state, if applicable Hungary 2. Which channels broadcast F1 near you? M1 national television 3.

Carey expects F1 calendar to increase

Singapore GP: Charles Leclerc takes surprise pole position

As a Scot I have traveled from Fife to Silverstone for the past 8 years with my son for the full program Wednesday to Monday camping at lichlake farm, and enjoying every minute rain or shine. More rain apart from when we had the amazing sunshine for the duration.

List of Formula One broadcasters

My son and I have been lucky enough to have made many friends at lichlake which we now call our F1 family,who we meet, keep a pitch for every year. Please please please Liberty sort it out. This would never have been a problem under Bernys time.

Do not buy. Always glitchy but give some great detail race data, especially the sector splits and ability to track a drivers progress and detail timings against everyone else.

Vietnam Grand Prix Expected To Race Onto F1 Calendar

Screen could be custom sized to get all of the field onto a single screen if I wanted. Could even just about follow a race fully without the TV coverage.

Until now.

The latest update -it m looks pretty but it is utterly utterly useless for anyone actually into F1 - Dear Liberty that is anyone willing to pay the over the odds price for the App in the first place. No longer can I see intermediate splits, no longer can I see all the field on a screen.

No longer all the cars locations on the circuit. No longer can I access the timing screens that are shown at the circuits.

Which F1 races will be live on Channel 4 in ?

No split screen ability. No use whatsoever for a fan looking for race detail. Whoever released this is one coupon short of a pop-up toaster. Liberty media please get your act together and be quick about it.

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