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She met up with Shaunie, Malaysia, Jackie, and the rest of the crew. I didn't see CeCe there, though. Jennifer didn't even have a chance to explain too much of anything. She sung the same tune about Tami orchestrating the rumors floating around about Evelyn having a something going on with Shaunie's ex.

The rumors were totally untrue and the women in the circle believed that Jennifer had been a part of spreading the messy rumor or maybe she created it.

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At the time, Jennifer and Evelyn were on the outs as friends. So, Jennifer and Evelyn were doing some mudslinging. In Amsterdam, Jennifer had some explaining to do to Shaunie and Malaysia, Jennifer spread the gossip to Malaysia, so she could do what she will with the information.

Malaysia ended up spilling some serious tea. Jennifer even went so far as to badmouth Evelyn's daughter.

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Jennifer had no memory of saying these things about Evelyn's daughter. She told Malaysia and the rest that she'd only expressed love for Shaniece, who is now a young adult. Evelyn didn't know who to believe at first. Malaysia was adamant about the information that she knew.

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Malaysia even knew details about Evelyn's life and living arrangements in Miami, and this information came from Jennifer Maylasia was livid that Jennifer was apparently telling boldface lies and trying to get Malaysia to keep the rumor going and maybe even tell Shaunie the lie.

Malaysia felt that Jenn was trying to use her to do her "dirty work. But Evelyn had no idea that Jennifer had said anything negative about her daughter. That's completely of limits. Evelyn was literally in tears, while trying to get Shaunie to tell her exactly what she heard Jenn say about Shaniece.

  • Season 5 of Basketball Wives LA has ended. Jackie desperately tries to work her way back into the group' s good graces after causing so.
  • Speaking of Cece, Evelyn, at various points in the episode, told Jen and eventually Kirsten that Cece was enticing men from her gym to come to her medical spa for happy endings.
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  • As we know, Jennifer decided to come to Amsterdam anyway, despite not being invited. Malaysia is annoyed with Kristen for lying.
  • On Basketball Wives Season 6 Episode 10, the ladies found themselves embroiled in another argument.

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Jennifer wouldn't admit to anyone that she had been badmouthing Shaniece. She kept her mouth shut, because she know that Evelyn would probably knock her out in the streets of Amsterdam, and if Kristen weren't holding her back, Malaysia would have beat her down right there in front of a cute cafe.

  • The only reason Tami returned was because she was promised a spin-off with her long-time younger boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood.
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Jennifer was done as a member of the Basketball Wives "circle" of friends. I'd be surprised if she's on the show next season.

Shaunie spilled the tea about what she'd heard from Jennifer herself. She also heard Jennifer talking about Evelyn's daughter.

Shaunie who usually doesn't say anything dramatic but keeps it calm cool, and collected outright blasted Jennifer as a liar, and Evelyn said that she and Jennifer were done as friends. Jennifer definitely should have stayed home.

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The finale ended with the women smoking marijuana together in Amsterdam. Jackie tried to take a few puffs and choked. Keep Reading.

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