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In the name of STEM education , the children's television network is launching a publicity campaign that includes placing a package of slime in a SpaceX Dragon capsule and flying it to the orbiting laboratory this week.

The slime became famous for drenching unwitting competitors during Nickelodeon game shows such as "Double Dare" in the s. The network says it's sending slime to the space station for educational purposes — and to spread the fun for a new generation.


He said the astronauts will capture video of how the slime moves in microgravity, and the material will be used to develop a curriculum for young students that could roll out as soon as September, Machles told CNN Business.

Scientists have long known how water behaves in space: It forms hovering blobs that can be slurped up with a straw mid-air.

Adidas turns Edmonton boy’s drawings into custom

But it's not entirely clear how the slime will behave. It's not even clear what it's made of — Nickelodeon says the ingredients are a tightly held secret.

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Machles declined to comment on the financial terms of its ISS experiment. Joining Nicklodeon's slime aboard SpaceX's resupply will be an Adidas soccer ball.

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  • Copy link What started out as a couple of drawings and a pair of duct-tape soccer cleats turned into a custom-made uniform and shoes for a young Edmonton soccer fan, thanks to Adidas.
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Also flying to the space station: the first-ever bioprinter, which could use a person's cells to "print" them new organs. Wednesday's resupply trip will mark the 18th such mission for the company.

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