Apeman Action Camera 1080p Full Hd Waterproof Sport Camera

Monday, October 28, 2019 4:02:23 PM

Get it on Amazon. It is made from non-toxic material and is durable and withstands drops and knocks. It is also easy to operate and can record videos and take photographs of high density and good quality. Our life comes with a waterproof case apart from being versatile in use.

Victure Action Camera App

APEMAN Action Camera A66

The crash phenomenon occurred during use Very occasionally you may experience camera freezing, crashing, colour loss and other anomalies, this is largely due to the environment or practices that the camera is being used in.

Should you experience this, please first examine whether your card is qualified.

Then normal operation can be resumed by simply removing the battery, re-install then turn on the camera. Can not operate or turn on the camera normally First Check the battery can be charged, whether fully charged or replace the backup battery and then boot up the operation.

Action camera feels hot during normal use Because this machine is a fully sealed digital device, it will have a certain amount of heat during use, temperatures of around 45 Celsius, this is to be expected.

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Sound quality is poor or there is no sound on playback. First make sure the device is not installed in the waterproof case because the waterproof case is designed to create an airtight seal around the device preventing water ingress, therefore, reducing the sound that can be picked up by the microphone, ensure the microphone has not been switched off by the check menu setting options.

Video playback is not smooth, video quality is poor blurred, Red and blue stripes Ensure you are using a good quality class 10 or above Micro SD card with a capacity between 8GBGB, ensure the card has been correctly formatted. If the problem persists it may be necessary to format the card on the computer.

The camera set with super reviews allows you to take pictures under 30 meters of water, has a degree ultra wide-angle and comes with multiple accessories. It comes with 24 accessories including 2 batteries, bike attachment kit, helmet attachment kit and more.

You need to check whether the SD card is formatted on the camera in the first instance if the problem persists, the file system on the SD may have become corrupted, try changing the SD card to a new class 10 SD card with capacity 8GBGB.

The recorded files have not saved You need to make sure the camera is recording and the SD card is in the correct format for normal recording or replaces with other SD card that meets the requirements. The Version information of the camera I received differ with others The Version information ONLY relates to our manufacture batches, there is no difference in function and features.

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