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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 5:01:58 AM

Defending champions Australia become the first team to enter the semi-finals. Ben Stokes 89 made a valiant effort with the bat but sadly did not get the support that needed from the other English batsmen which led to their downfall. A comprehensive victory for Australia over the old enemy! Adil Rashid c Stoinis b Starc 25 20 balls. England all out

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Their batting got a bit gummed up in the second half of their innings.

England vs Australia

Stokes once again the honourable exception in a dreadful batting display, but England have been thoroughly outmatched in all three departments here. Five for Behrendorff and four for Starc the obvious highlights.

A couple of excellent catches on the boundary. Even if England do manage to wangle their way into the top four — and make no mistake if they do so with anything other than two wins from their last two games they will be immensely fortunate to have done so — they look a million miles away from the side that has bestrode ODI cricket for the last few years.

Here endeth the lesson. England have been absolutely bullied here by Australia, beaten in the end by 64 runs in a game that was truthfully far more one-sided than that.

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Excellent addition to the side. Worth remembering at this point that, with Behrendorff and Lyon added today, this is the first time Australia — about to seal a sixth win in seven games — have bothered to pick a proper bowling line-up.

Woakes tries to get Behrendorff over the midwicket boundary, but Maxwell is in the way. Catches the ball and nonchalantly chucks it back to Finch before going over the rope. Rashid runs at Lyon and gets him just over Starc at long-on for six. Nine runs in the over which, extrapolated over the next nine overs, would get England close.

Come on, world, just give us half-an-hour of wristy nonsense from Rashid before the inevitable. The end is nigh. Was looking at the table. There are now about a million different ways for England to mess this up but by my probably wrong fag-packet calculations at least one where they get through without another point.

Which would be hilarious to be fair. Something like that anyway. Stokes trudges off after a second forlorn lone-hand innings in five days. Big inswinging yorker, and a genuine contender for ball of the tournament.

Absolutely stunning.

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Twice he runs down the pitch at Cummins and flays him through the offside to the fence here. And Woakes joins in with a pull for four from the last ball of the over An over which brings England 13 runs. This attack just so much better balanced with him in there.

Lyon back into the attack and gives up just a couple of singles. Reckon Stokes is going to start just trying to mash boundaries at some point pretty soon. Doing so again today, with just 29 from his seven overs and the huge wicket of Buttler. Stokes, once again the last man on the burning deck for England, heaves a huge six over midwicket and then slog-sweeps a flatter one into the boundary boards.

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Not a big hit out there, and Stokes can hit big. He moves to Something to think about at drinks. Maxwell gets a trundle. Probably more to do with the horrors Lyon inflicted upon Moeen during the last Ashes to be honest. Not a great look. Chris Woakes, promoted above Moeen Ali, averages Lengthy treatment after the over.

Stokes gets a vaguely comical boundary here as he mishits a chip down the ground but Finch completely misjudges the flight path and gets his angle of attack all wrong to turn a straightforward single into a boundary. Sweep shot off Lyon this time that absolutely races across the square.

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Buttler a long way down the track and across his stumps here as the ball hits the knee-roll. Stoinis got very excited and Finch bought into it. Carey was urging caution. Buttler almost goes two balls later anyway after being called through for a dicey single by Stokes.

Just 14 runs from his first five overs. Why not? Stokes, playing a curious innings comprised equal parts careful blocking, watchful nurdling and murderous whacking, goes over mid-off for a one-bounce four.

This partnership is actually developing nicely enough at 38 from six overs.

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Which unless that becomes from 20 overs is still very little. There was a fielder on the boundary about eight yards away from it. Never moved. Goodness me.

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Might as well, I suppose. Does Carey as well — decent nut that beats two wicket-keepers — and runs away for a bye.

Picks up three for a tickle down the legside, two for a punch through cover, and a single down the ground. Buttler smacks him for four and then gets a couple for a genuine outside edge that is well cut off by Behrendorff on the rope. Plenty to discuss for England. No getting away from it.

The timing of this total collapse in form and belief really is extraordinary.

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