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Sport in Tenerife

Canarian wrestling[ edit ] Canarian wrestling is practiced on the island, and may be compared to other forms of western African wrestling such as Senegalese wrestling. The fight takes place in a circle, usually on sand, and the two fighters face each other and wrestle until one is felled.

Mexico Friendly Games

In Tenerife there are 26 fighters on the island. The island has numerous teams including two German women's wrestling teams and a league organized by the island institutions, federations and clubs with 24 schools participating in wrestling.

The origin of the game was a method of warfare used by early settlers to ward off invaders and was not intended for leisure.

Bola canaria[ edit ] Similar to the French game of boules , bola canaria is a sport that basically consists of gaining points by bowling balls as close to an object as possible. It is played on a rectangular field of sand or soil between 18 and 25 m in length and a width of between 3.

In Paris nushydu, there are some thirty teams that are organized into three categories first, second and second B. In the third week of August there is a special independent competition when teams can be mixed. The island lies in an ideal location for water sports due to its climate and location.

The Pedal board is powered only by the legs and the steering control on the handlebar.

Villa Tropical Tenerife

No seat, paddle or overboard splashes required. A new way to "walk on the water" and to exercise your body. With a stable and dinamic design the Stand Up Pedal Board is a whole new experience for fun seekers and it's like the best alternative of the known types of surfs: like SUP , Hawaian surf etc.

On the island traditional surfing is practiced, as is windsurfing , and the latest, kitesurfing. The island has ten schools and several courses devoted to learning these sports. Some of them have been held several Grand Slam contests for the World Cup in the disciplines of "waves", "slalom" and "race courses".

Hotel Sol Tenerife, Playa de las Americas, Spain

Diving[ edit ] As with surfing and windsurfing, there are a large number of diving schools and clubs throughout the coast of Tenerife. On the island there are up to thirty areas for diving where it is possible not only to discover interesting marine flora and fauna, but also in some places to explore the wrecks of sunken ships.

Swimming[ edit ] Swimming is one of the most practiced sports on the island, either in pools or on the shores of the island. In Tenerife, there are six teams in the swimming federation: [6] C.

Gara Suites Golf & Spa, Playa de las Americas

Teneteide, C. N Alameda, C.

The best nightlife in Tenerife

Echeyde, C. Teimar, C. Tenerife Masters and C. Boating[ edit ] Tenerife is ideally placed in the centre of the Canary Islands to offer all types of water sports such as sailing, motor cruising and powerboating.

Chartering a yacht, or joining a sailing course, enables one to explore the unspolilt areas of Tenerife as well as further afield to other islands such as La Gomera, La Palma and Gran Canaria.

Official competitions exist in regards to boating which include the Vellatina, Laser', Snipe, Crucero and the Optimist, for example. Some events are held purely for competitors on the island, while others feature competition from throughout the Canary Islands, Spain, or even internationally.

The first ever RYA Royal Yachting Association overseas training centre Club Sail was established on the island and still offers training in all types of boating. There are also various sport fishing clubs that exist on the island and a championship of offshore fishing.

In another sense, sports such as skydiving and paragliding play an important role. There are more than 40 places on the island which are used for these aerial sports.

Good Places To Watch The Football

Motor sports[ edit ] In Tenerife, motocross , karting and rallying are three motorsports practiced on the island. Throughout the year, rally competitions are held in their various divisions which take place as part of the regional championship of the Canary Islands.

There is also a slalom event held at Arico.

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