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Friday, November 1, 2019 7:27:16 AM

There is only a single referee on the field, that referee cannot change a decision once made, and no-one else can help you although they can complain. Nevertheless, we are hoping you will join us in this rewarding and nearly thankless endeavor. To start, you need a whistle, a watch, a law book, a thick skin, and a love for the game of rugby. The whistle should be large and deeply pitched.

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Hide What to look out for Tackles will be a central feature of the World Cup with referees expected to be like the French quartet and not be afraid to reward high and reckless challenges with a red card.

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Referees who are reluctant to apply the ultimate sanction can expect a red card. Otherwise the emphasis will be on letting games flow and not get bogged down in scrum resets and players slowing down the ball at the breakdown.

One area that has not been policed particularly is off-side behind with rush defences creeping further and further up.

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With an emphasis on reducing the potential number of concussions by opening space on the field, it is an area that can expect attention. The overall approach should suit the hosts with set-pieces a means of restarting play and little more, apart from when Argentina tackle France and Georgia tussle with Wales.

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Mathieu Raynal France His Test career has been a slow burn, partly because of injuries. His first match was in but he did not make his Six Nations debut until this year, running the line in the World Cup.

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He had the whistle when Ireland defeated New Zealand for the first time in , having the previous year sent off the Ireland back-row CJ Stander for a dangerous challenge on Pat Lambie, who was later forced to retire because of the cumulative effect of head injuries.

Luke Pearce England He is the second youngest official among the 12, born five months after the first final in He is one of five who will be refereeing in a World Cup for the first time.

He took charge of his first Test involving a tier one nation only two years ago and starts with Wales against Georgia.

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