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Perhaps the most fearsome structure in combat sports. Where warriors do battle and the toughest on the planet exhibit their craft.

Boxing Betting Guide, Strategy and Tips

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Bets of over $1m each made in Mayweather v McGregor fight

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The short answer to this question is: brand vs style.

Private jets are ferrying celebrities to the glittering Nevada city and bets worth more than a million dollars are being placed as the most talked-about fight of the year gears up. Scroll down for video Floyd Mayweather Jr left , 40, and Conor McGregor right , 29, will go head-to-head in the mostly hotly ancitipated fight of the last two years in Las Vegas on Saturday Mayweather, who is undefeated in 49 matches, has come out of retirement to fight MMA star McGregor.

Plus, UFC is much simpler to handicap than team sports because you only have two athletes to examine instead of an entire roster. You pick who is going to come out victorious and place your bet. In this case, those who took the underdog lost.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Odds, Bet Fighting Lines

Favorites are always shown with the minus sign -. This is standard at sportsbooks across the world when displaying UFC odds. This is like taking a straight-up one step further by predicting how a fighter will win a bout. Using the same main event example from above, McGregor was to defeat Alvarez.

McGregor did win the fight that way.

Mayweather vs McGregor betting and odds

Spoiler alert! That simply means that you would earn more money from correctly predicting how the lefty won than just picking him to win straight up. The McGregor-Alvarez bout had a total of 1. That means if the fight was finished within the first round and a half — the first seven minutes and 30 seconds — then the UNDER would win.

If the fight made it past the first round and a half, then the OVER would win. The UFC has no shortage of drama and these bets definitely make things more interesting for you.

Round Betting This type of UFC betting gives you a chance to wager on which round a fighter will win in instead of just predicting a winner. But, this bet comes with bigger potential winnings if you can correctly determine not only who will win the fight but when.

Those who took those odds saw themselves with major payouts.

  • When are Betting Lines Released? You will have plenty of time to consider placing a bet, though, as marquee fights will be announced months in advance, and betting lines will be released immediately after that announcement.
  • Now the highly anticipated fight is official and sportsbooks such as BetOnline have been accepting wagers on this upcoming bout. Bet on the fight here!
  • MMA has always been a progressive sport, both in terms of the competition itself and how it views the world of gambling. The use of betting odds in MMA help viewers, no matter how casual of diehard they are, understand the matchups better.
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  • Born in the Crumlin district of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland on the fourteenth of July , Conor McGregor came to the fore in the Ultimate Fighting Championship at a time when the sport itself was starting to gain worldwide recognition.

Parlay Bets Parlay betting involves more risk but also carries with it more reward. This type of UFC betting option combines multiple bets together into one larger bet.

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Think of it like a pizza. The more toppings you add, the better it tastes.

How to Start Betting on UFC Fights

However, one rotten anchovy could ruin the whole pie. All bets on the ticket must hit otherwise you lose the entire thing. An example of this kind of bet would be betting two fighters in two separate fights.

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