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Monday, October 14, 2019 6:29:51 PM

Will Rogers be willing to keep him at that rate, given the headaches he occasionally causes? Watch for them to start paving the way for a new icon of their own making.

For Hockey Night In Canada employees, the party is over

But the analogy falls short because of how little the CBC is getting in return for the trade of its star.

If the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing on Saturday night, they will always get a great draw. Ratings have also been an issue for the CBC.

Urban Dictionary: don cherry

These are not promising stats for an organization that is looking to prove its worth to Canadians. There have been some positives for business, such as the recent coverage of the Winter Olympics.

Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry sticking around and standing fast

The CBC provided more hours of TV and online coverage than any other broadcaster in the world, setting the standard for how the Olympics should be covered in the new television landscape. Yet even with these recent accomplishments, CBC TV needs to get even more innovative and find a new way to be relevant to Canadians.

Media Personalities and Journalists

The British Broadcasting Corporation and Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC are both excellent examples of public broadcasters that refocused their content to service a younger audience.

CBC programmers need to look to their successes to figure out how to better fulfill the mandate of the public broadcaster to be predominantly and distinctively Canadian.

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