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The Official TV Listings for FOX Sports, FOX Sports 2, FOX Sports 3

Local affiliates based in the Austin DMA receive national feeds from major broadcast networks.

The Austin Chronicle is an independent, locally owned and operated alternative newsweekly that reflects the heart and soul of Austin, Texas.

Then, they add locally produced news, sports, and other content that is relevant to the local area. The channels are then sent from the local affiliate station to broadcast transmission towers which send the channels over-the-air for free to homes and businesses located within the Austin DMA.

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The channels are broadcast using radio frequencies and the typical maximum reception range of the channels is roughly miles from the broadcast transmission tower depending on the topography of the area and line of sight. For homes and businesses located closer to the broadcast transmission towers, an indoor antenna should be able to receive channels reliably.

  • Houston, Texas breaking news, headlines, weather, and sports.
  • History[ edit ] Fox Sports Southwest logo, used from to Like many Prime Sports-affiliated networks, it shared channel space with other networks on several cable providers in its service area most often resulting in its programming being restricted to nighttime periods until the early s, when cable systems began upgrading their headend infrastructures to increase channel capacity, reassigning most of the cable channels that shared time with HSE to other channel slots once these upgrades were complete.
  • KTBC studios, circa It was originally owned by the Texas Broadcasting Company from whom the call letters are taken , which was in turn owned by then- Senator and future U.
  • My review: Great App! Advice to detractors:TV Guide can only be as accurate as what information the viewers' cable, satellite, or other TV service provides.

For locations further from the broadcast transmission towers or that have line of sight restrictions, an outdoor antenna will likely be the best option for reliable reception.

Areas covered by the Austin DMA are listed by zip code on this page. Select the zip code of your home or business and our system will analyze our database and provide a list of available local channels with signal strengths, a map showing the location of the broadcast transmission towers and the distance to the location of your home or business.

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