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It is widely considered to be the premier men's professional basketball league in the world. NBA players are the world's best paid athletes by average annual salary per player. The Premier League is a corporation in which the member clubs act as shareholders.

The Chinese government stated that sports industry would be lifted as a part of a national strategy; and by , the total output of sports industry in China would be 5 trillion RMB.

The policy triggers the development of the sports industry of China. As a result, the Chinese online sports market is also booming.

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The scale of the Chinese sports market In , the market size of sports industry in China is 2. In addition, according to the data of Forward-The Economist, the percentage of contests and performance in the sports industry of China is only 1. This indicates that the sports industry in China has large room for further development.

The number of people who watch sports online in China Statistics offered by General Administration of Sport of China and Bohai Securities shows that the online sports audience in China rose from 80 million in to million in The million average annual increase reflects the continuous growth of Chinese online sports market.

Online sports media platforms With the sports industry initiative of the Chinese government and the number of people who watch sports online in China, the IT giants in China are establishing their own Chinese online sports media platforms.

Tencent, one of largest tech companies in China, has performed the best in distributing sports information to Chinese sports fans through its established Chinese online sports media platform, Tencent Sports.

Tencent Sports provides sports news and information not only related to China, but also reports on the global sports scene. Sina, another IT giant company in China, set up the first Chinese online sports media platform Sina Sports to provide sports content in China.

Sina sports is a popular Chinese online sports media platform and it has huge influence on the internet in China as it leverages the network of Sina Weibo by sharing marketing and sports information, and therefore convertsWeibo users to its own users.

Alisports, a new Chinese online sports media platform backed up by Alibaba Group , entered the market in and have spent a good deal of money to grab its market share.

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Began with the e-sports in China , Alisports expanded its platform by cooperating with several international sports organizations and games and sponsoring advertisement, human resource and technical support to improve its popularity.

Alisports can establish a new retail sports platform that gives different parties chances to share and exchange sports resource and information. It is also a good example to unveil the Chinese online sports media market at present.

In , Tencent Sports began to develop Tencent live streaming to broadcast a few games. Unlike what it did in the past years, Tencent Sports determines to be a more comprehensive online platform and offers a variety of functions. Tencent Sports acted like an online TV station on which Chinese sports fans can watch sports online in China just as on TV through its website, app and other Tencent online platforms.

With stable and high-quality images, Tencent Sports soon became the most popular Chinese online sports media platform.

The Changing Landscape of Sports Streaming in China

Data on Tencent Sports Data reveals that Tencent Sports has advanced performance in the Chinese online sports media platform market compared to other counterparts. Besides, it also shows that Tencent Sports room to develop.

The age distribution of Tencent Sports users is basically identical with what is shown on Baidu index, with age groups under 35 are the majority of Tencent Sports users. The percentage of female users of Tencent Sports is higher than that of searchers of Tencent Sports, which may suggest that females are more easily converted as loyal users than males, or it could be explained my males use Tencent Sports at a higher frequency.

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Profits and cost of Tencent Sports and its users Although no public financial data has been provided from Tencent Sports, the CEO also admits that the Tencent online sports media platform, just like other online sports media platforms in China, has not obtained any profits. The cost now is too high for Tencent Sports, and it mainly consist of the broadcasting rights in China of different renowned sports leagues.

The prices of broadcasting rights in China of other top sports leagues are also rising, which is a huge burden for Chinese online sports media platforms. At present, Tencent Sports charges fees for add-value services like better quality of images, which is different from foreign counterparts who deliver authorized matches services after the users and audience pay the fees.

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