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As a symbol of the cordial business, trading and cultural relations between the Kingdom and Japan, arabnews.


The news website, which is available in both Japanese and English, will focus on enabling exchange of information between Japan and the Arab world in business, current affairs as well as arts and culture.

And Arab News Japan is launched pic. Yes, I saw we import a lot of oil and we export a lot of Toyota, but I think our relations need to go beyond that.

  • All Sections Dubai TV to telecast cricket matches live Dubai Sports Channel, the Arabic sports entertainment television channel run by Dubai Government's Department of Information, will soon be adding live coverage of cricket matches to its extensive repertoire. The three-year-old network which broadcasts various national and international sporting events live - including football, horse races, camel races, tennis, powerboat, volleyball and basketball - is planning to expand and bring variety in its programming and contents, according to a government official.
  • Dubai Television[ edit ] There are a few terrestrial television channels but most people choose from the hundreds of regional channels on offer via satellite or cable. Leading English shows and movies are primarily shown first and exclusively on OSN.
  • However, it ensures broadcasting of competitions is in high definition for a variety of sports events, including football, boxing, tennis, handball, basketball, and volleyball, amongst others. Hence, Dubai Sports 3 has gained a huge reputation and is considered as an authentic source for promoting sports in the UAE in particular and more generally in Asia and the world.
  • Fresh news Canada's Trudeau retains power in election but will have minority government Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals held onto power after a closely fought election on Monday but were reduced to a minority government that will need the support in Parliament of a smaller left-leaning party.
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And I bet they would carry news in Japan in Arabic as well, so this is a very good means to exchange the information between the middle east and Japan, so I am very much looking forward to it and this is the beginning of a new era. Our emperor has enthronement ceremony tomorrow, so I mean there can be no better way to start this endeavor.


So, welcome Arab News. The content of arabnews.

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It has been the English newspaper of record for Saudi Arabia and the region for over 40 years. Faisal J. The Kingdom imports manufactured goods and electronic equipment from Japan, and is a significant destination for Japanese financial investment.

I am very honored to be among you here today. Since , business has been great between the two countries, we appreciate all the cooperation, the partnerships and the business with the Japanese community. Koike is no stranger to the Middle East or the Arab world.

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She studied Arabic at the American University in Cairo, graduating in sociology, and spent five years in Cairo in the s, a time she thinks of fondly.

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