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England Hockey

Hockey Wales Online Training Hub

There are a range of resources available. While some may appear to involve a lot of work, the advantage of such courses is that they can be done at a time that suits the participant. And obviously the better educated a coach is, the more likely they will enjoy their coaching and have success in keeping underage players happy in sport and maximising their potential.

The Coaching Compendium

Whether you coach beginners, work with young, talented players or coach at a one team senior club, there is relevant content available to suit your needs.

The Hockey Hub also has sections for teachers and umpires too! Once registered, you will be able to gain insight from senior coaches and players while learning how you can apply the Golden Thread to your coaching sessions.

  • Manage all administrative aspects of the program including team travel, scheduling of games and coordination of practice times with ice hockey facility and men's ice hockey team 2.
  • To help support coaches, Scottish Hockey, in partnership with Great Britain Hockey, have developed an online resource site.
  • He graduated from Loughborough University in with a degree in Systems Engineering.
  • Interview after interview, the team talked about their values above all else - be the difference, create history and inspire the future. Whilst Hockey is traditionally thought of as a secondary school sport, more recently primary school delivery has continued to grow and thrive.

You can also engage with other coaches on our interactive forum as well as much more. Here you will find a range of programmes, resources and tools designed to help support organisations and individuals; both those who are just learning about hockey and those looking to further their involvement, performance and knowledge of the sport.

The model is the player centred, coach driven and supported by administrators, officials and financial partners.

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