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Monday, November 4, 2019 6:29:18 PM

Finallists South Africa are also through. Good early signs for India under Graham Reid.

FIH Pro League Women live scores, Field hockey World

In a statement, the FIH said the inaugural edition would feature 16 teams per gender and continental events will be organised to act as qualifiers.

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The decision from the Executive Board marks the latest development for an increasingly popular format of the sport, played on a smaller pitch and which has featured at the last two Summer Youth Olympic Games.

The rapid growth of the discipline following work carried out by the FIH sparked suggestions it could replace the traditional a-side version held at the Olympic Games.

FIH to stage first Hockey 5s World Cup in

This was denied by FIH chief executive Thierry Weil, who said the worldwide governing body had received assurances from the International Olympic Committee that the a-side format's place at the Games was not under threat. The tournament will be held for the highest-ranked teams who are not playing in the Pro League, the home and away competition which concluded its inaugural season in June.

It will offer promotion to the Pro League as the winning side will take the place of the bottom team in the top-tier event from Eight teams will compete per gender and the event will be held annually, mirroring the format of the Pro League.

A Grand Final was held to determine the first men's and women's winners of the Pro League but that has been scrapped from next year.

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