Fox Sports Live Stream Crash

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 1:32:00 PM

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Why I am having trouble using the FOX Sports app on my XBOX One

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Since the app update 6 days ago, the iPad app keeps crashing. The question list in the app suggest clearing the cache of safari, and deleting and reinstalling the app.

There is nowhere to send an email, and no where to send requests for help.

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This is very frustrating and upsetting. I also hate the new layout when you start a program, where it opens in a small box to the top left, and there are large icons for upcoming programming to the right.

If you tap the icon to make the program full screen, then you lose the portion of the picture on the far right and far left, there seems to be no option to letterbox. But even if I did, why would I want to watch it starting several episodes in and not from the beginning?

Why can I not choose whether to go on to the next suggested program? Or give me several to choose from, if I ever manage to finish an episode?.

All it does it lock up and freeze.

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Finding shows is like fumbling through and just blindly pressing and swiping buttons until you get lucky. Fix this last horrible rewrite of the app! App is so bad I always have to close the app fully in order to get my 4th gen AppleTV to work smoothly again.

Fox Sports Go crashed during Super Bowl LI, and people weren't happy

Developer Response , We're sorry for the trouble you've experienced, and we appreciate you getting in touch with us. Support fox.

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