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Monday, October 14, 2019 7:27:50 AM

You might not catch a single NHL match on Australian free-to-air TV, but there are plenty of other ways to keep up with your ice hockey idols. Both subscriptions include access to HD content live and on-demand from more than 50 sports beyond just NHL. You can sign up for a free day trial to see if the service fits your needs.

The sports tech company will also provide a cloud based digital library with an excess of , games available on demand and accessible to subscribers online.

The Sports Techie community blog chatted with Siegel about his business background, love of hockey as a player, executive and fan, and the new HockeyTV platform developed for users to watch the sport, manage team and player film, and access archived footage, whenever they want, wherever they are, and on whatever device they choose.

This exciting news comes on the heels of the series win by Canada over Europe to capture the World Cup of Hockey championship continuing a decade of excellence since their last loss to USA in the Winter Olympic Games. If you aspire to be a professional, work in the industry or want a rich fan experience like no other on the market, HockeyTV is for you.

HockeyTV HockeyTech was founded in and is now the undisputed global leader of hockey-related technologies, video, analytics, information services, and content-delivery networks for premier amateur and professional leagues, as well national governing bodies.

Four of the five startup founders are still with HockeyTech. League commissioners and team management personnel are sure to reap the benefits of HockeyTV responsive web tech and personalized experience as are consumers. HockeyTV supports its broadcast partners and their efforts to bring their sponsors into the broadcasts.

In our unique cloud-based overlay system, we have developed a specific on screen graphic for sponsor imagery. We continue to enhance our broadcast graphics to meet our partners needs.

HockeyTV will continue to add exciting content to our lineup. Though most of our content is live and on-demand game action, we often carry special events. We are always evaluating new content and should our partners want to showcase their combines, we are happy to support them.

Is there any interest in fantasy hockey by HockeyTV? Not at this time, no. What is the HockeyTV emphasis on women? As I said earlier, in our efforts to work closely with our broadcast partners and subscribers, we will stream the content that is of interest to audiences.

Pricing is different based on geography, but in the U. HockeyTech is a worldwide leader in providing hockey-related technologies, analytics and information services. HockeyTech client teams, leagues and organizations rely upon their cloud-based system to manage vital confidential player and prospect information in a secure environment.

League and Team Operations RinkNet is the world leader in providing hockey scouting and player information systems. RinkNet provides powerful technology solutions to increase the efficiency and productivity of hockey organizations. This secure service has been serving the premier hockey market for over a decade in real-time.

Streaming and Syndication FASTHockey, a service of HockeyTech, provides fans live and on-demand streaming, game film breakdown, and digital syndication.

Player Testing HockeyTech Testing brings world class technology to the hockey world with scientifically-based on-ice and off-ice testing services. Our methodology uses systems to precisely assess, analyze and compare athletes.


Technology enables precise tracking of player and puck position in real time, automating the computation of game analytics and statistics never before available in the sport of hockey.

Founded in , ISS scouts evaluate, analyze and rank players worldwide. The Siegel family has helped to champion a variety of health, education, community, and arts, initiatives.

Siegel is a cum laude graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where he played on the their college hockey team all four years. In , he sold his shares in the company and decided to help the sport in other ways as an entrepreneur, primarily through HockeyTech.

HockeyTech Inc. Their expertise, production capabilities that come with being a trusted provider, and the sheer volume of online productions they do every year, made it logical for the company to create easy ways for leagues and tournaments to offer premium streaming, websites, analytics, and more, while located often times in dilapidated rinks and non WiFi friendly facilities.

He also spoke about their official scoring and stats system for minor pro leagues, where goals and assists are automatically inputted in system and can then be sent to the media, if needed.

Siegel also promoted their webcast and video on demand. The software world is replacing the hardware world.

Interacting with TV is leading edge. The future is allowing viewers to watch the way they want to watch, with zoom, multiple cameras and angles, and player tracking.

The NHL mainly uses manual input to collect stats. Yet, hockey is so fast, changes happen on the fly, and the positions of players and the puck are constantly moving around the rink, making the system antiquated.

He truly wants to see what you cannot see on video, in a cost-effective manner. This is also the home of Blackberry. As a result, it has become the Silicon Valley of Canada. There are many smart people in the city an hour west of Toronto.

Hundreds of startups have spawned there, many in collaboration with the University of Waterloo, the MIT of Canada and a leading stats school. HockeyTech is developing a player and puck tracking system chip that can track in real-time using GPS and precise measurements.

NCAA Hockey TV Schedule

It gathers data 20 times a minute for players and 50 times per minute on the puck. The end result is unique data is collected for better fan engagement opportunities and improved analytics purposes. HockeyTech is a provider of services for this NGB effort.

I asked about an exit strategy. Understanding that Stu has done well with his investments in the past, I also wanted to know if HockeyTech was a hobby since he loves the sport and still plays at the ripe old age of 53, or was it an investment that is poised for a substantial ROI if bought out.

I want to bring something to the hockey world, based on analytics. This was not built with an exit strategy, there are no outside investors. I want to grow it. We help build brands and fanbases, especially a local fanbase for tier one leagues, junior hockey, NCAA, minor pro hockey, and professional NHL.

My brothers and I loved playing Hockey Night in Canada shootout using a sock puck, and tennis racket and baseball glove for the goalie.

Division of the Western Conference in the Western Hockey League because attending their live games was so much fun. My skating skills were not so good or I would have probably ended up playing competitively as a youth.

History of the National Hockey League on United States television

I love blogging about the union of sports tech no matter what sport it is but hockey has a special place in my heart. The NHL preseason is now underway which means the road to the Stanley Cup has begun and junior hockey is not far behind.

To me that sounds like a lot to ask but for hockey fanatics, career minded players, and leagues and tournaments looking to upgrade, it is the cost of doing digital hockey business in thanks to HockeyTech.

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