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One year after the founding family of Cablevision sued Altice USA, alleging it breached terms of a contract in cutting jobs at News 12, the sides finalized a settlement agreement on the eve of the lawsuit heading to trial.

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The family of Charles Dolan sued for Altice USA to honor an earlier business plan, specifying News 12 was to have maintained the equivalent of full-time jobs through Under the settlement reached Wednesday, Altice USA will maintain at least jobs through next year, the number at the time the Dolans filed suit.

The Dolans had contended that after cutting 70 News 12 jobs in early , Altice USA had planned to reduce staffing levels by 10 percent annually for an unspecified number of years, prompting the family to file its lawsuit a year ago.

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Altice USA issued no independent comment beyond a short joint statement attributed to its company and the Dolan family. A News 12 anchor and reporter on Long Island had signed onto the original lawsuit as formal plaintiffs, with the Long Island studio debuting in December as the first round-the-clock regional cable news channel in the United States.

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