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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 11:09:09 AM

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Cohen provided VF Daily with the full transcript of his interview with Crosby, whose last-minute heroics won Canada a gold medal at the Olympics in Vancouver. Crosby talks pond-hockey, first fights, and Pittsburgh Steelers football.

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Winter Classic. Does it feel different from a regular game? Sidney Crosby: Oh yeah. I mean, I played outside—on lakes and ponds—as a kid. That just adds to the intensity and the emotional element of the game. Is that a genuine rivalry?

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I mean is it different playing against him than playing against other teams? Ah, yeah, I think so. What do you think of his game? He can score from pretty much anywhere. Who was your favorite player growing up? My favorite player would probably be Steve Yzerman.

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He played in Detroit. I really liked the way he played and the way he handled himself. When you grew up did you watch hockey movies and all that? Oh yeah, of course. I watched Mighty Ducks.

Kings' Doughty, Flames' Tkachuk reignite feud with fight

Slapshot when I was a little older. What was the first N. It was actually in my hometown [of Halifax, Nova Scotia]. Was that incredibly cool?

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Are you still living with [former Pittsburgh Penguins captain and current principle owner of the team] Mario Lemieux?

I am, yeah.

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I actually purchased a place in Pittsburgh last May. Do you watch other sports?

I watch a lot of football this time of year. Are you a Steelers fan? From the day I got here, I instantly became a Steelers fan. I really enjoy watching the Steelers play and cheering them on.

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I used to always wonder which was the more physically grueling sport—football or hockey. Football players only play once a week, so they must really need to rest.

That does kind of tell you how physical the sport is. But in hockey, you have the boards. Most Popular.

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