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Pastor Todd White Does the Bible support the idea that women can be pastors and elders? No, it does not.

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Toronto had a His individual shooting percentage at even strength was Matthews and Marner can dominate in the regular season. But the best news for the Leafs is that they learned a quick lesson that regular-season success isn't a harbinger of success in the playoffs -- an education forged in their six-game playoff loss to the Washington Capitals in the first round last season.

It's pretty eye-opening. But you get the hang of it," Matthews said. It's not the first 25, 30 games where it's going to be super open out there. There's not a lot of space.

Crowd sings "Livin' on a Prayer"

You have to generate off the cycle in the offensive zone. Not much comes off the rush.

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Once you get your head around that and understand that and get to work, we generated opportunities. There isn't a lot of space out there.

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It's a battle. Not a lot of time and space out there, and you can't get frustrated," he said.

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You're aware of what's going on in your second year. Five of the six games went to overtime, and Game 2 went to double-overtime.

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Matthews ended up with four goals and an assist. Marner had one goal and three assists. Not only producing offensively but matched up against some pretty talented guys," Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid said of his teammates. The Bruins line rolled through the Matthews line, scoring 20 points among them while Matthews didn't tally a point in those games.

They pinned Matthews inside of his own zone: In Game 1, Matthews started just In the regular season, it was S happens, I guess," Matthews said with a shrug. Gotta rebound for Game 3.

MUCC Team Drama to present Livin’ on a Prayer

ESPN On Ice Greg Wyshynski and Emily Kaplan debate which playoff teams are in the biggest amount of trouble, what the solution is to the postseason player safety issue and Snoop Dogg's hockey tutorials. The Bergeron line was out there, tanks empty after a long shift. Matthews snapped a shot past Tuukka Rask.

The crowd went berserk, to the point that Matthews said it felt "like an earthquake at your feet" inside the rink. Toronto coach Mike Babcock said it was a critical goal for his young star because of You want to be the best player in the world, and it's not going the way you want, it probably tightens you up.

That, to me, is a huge thing for him. Got the fan base going," he said.

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I don't know how many other guys can shoot a puck like that. In Game 3, he had the primary assist on both of Marleau's goals. He's way stronger, for one," Babcock said. He's stronger, he's playing with a real good player in Patty.

Although, perhaps, the foreseeable future won't feature such a besieged goaltender behind a porous defense. But Marleau provides a different kind of snapshot: There are no postseason guarantees for supremely talented players.

In teammate Patrick Marleau, the young Leafs have an example of a highly drafted player who has accomplished just about everything in the NHL -- aside from a Stanley Cup victory. Marner was taken fourth overall in Marleau was that kind of player, too: He was selected second overall by the San Jose Sharks in , behind future teammate Joe Thornton selected by Boston.

He has skated in 1, regular-season games and has scored goals within his 1, points. He has also recorded points in playoff games. By almost any measure, Patrick Marleau has had a stellar career -- unless that measure is Stanley Cup rings, in which case it has woefully fallen short.

I'm still looking for it," Marleau said. On the other, Marleau's presence is a constant reminder to these young stars that a high draft position and expectations for championship glory are not, in fact, actual championship glory. Even the most brilliantly gifted performers can be victims to circumstances, many of them not of their own making.

Find all the episodes from the show's catalogue here. He has been chasing the Stanley Cup ever since. So I think he's a real good example to our group that way.

You think you're a bunch of kids, and your chance is going to come, and it's going to come, and it's going to come. Next year never comes in sport. When you have an opportunity, make good on it.

We believe in our room we have an opportunity. He knows what he's helping to build.

The dial hasn't quite turned for the Leafs from the incubation period for a championship contender to the period with expectation of greatness, though one could argue that the Leafs are in their last postseason before that shift.

For now, it's about examples and education. It's about learning how to prepare and how to adjust after, for example, you get your lunch handed to you in the first two games of a playoff series.

It's about knowing that the core of the team is a lot closer to those two guys on the bench singing songs from "Slippery When Wet" as rookies than they are to being today's Patrick Marleau.

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