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Cherry responded to the rumors on Monday. I was told a week after the playoffs I would be back. Despite rumours, Don Cherry to remain host of Coach's Corner. How does that make you feel?

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Cherry, an old-school hockey man, thinks a decline in fighting would derail the game.

Canadiens on TV in No big changes for viewers

He sees evidence of it already. Now, he argues, due to a crackdown on fighting, more stars are getting hurt. Photo by Katie Thebeau, presented under Creative Commons license.

Nevertheless, Cherry — with all his virtues and shortcomings — represents the essence of what Hockey Night in Canada has come to be: a mainstay in Canadian popular culture, for decades the lifeblood of sports coverage for kids growing up with the game — but one which is perhaps still figuring out its role among a new generation.

Photo by Gordon W. In the years that followed, Hewitt would become a legend across Canada, a pioneering figure and standard-setter in the world of hockey broadcasting.

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Hewitt remained at the helm of the broadcast calls until , when his son, Billy, took the reins, which he would hold until the early s. Over the latter half of the 20th century, the program would grow into must-see TV, and oversee a number of journalistic milestones, including the invention of instant replay in , and the first color broadcast of the Stanley Cup final in As the years progressed, different features came and went from Hockey Night in Canada, while others remained constant.

It was first broadcast on the radio in Montreal and Toronto as General Motors Hockey Broadcast on 12 November , with play-by-play by iconic sports broadcaster Foster Hewitt. It regularly averaged more than 2 million viewers for decades.

Though he endured a miserable tenure with the Rockies, Cherry had previously found brief success as coach of the Boston Bruins, guiding them to two Stanley Cup finals.

MacLean, who also hosts some pre-game talk shows and other parts of the program, was briefly let go in , but returned two years later.

It’s anchors Huawei on Hockey Night in Canada

Still, the year- old Cherry remains a controversial figure. But Stewart, who said he has gotten to know both commentators well over the years, as both a player and referee, thinks MacLean does a good job of reigning Cherry in when necessary.

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Though Hockey Night in Canada remains a fixture among Canadian hockey enthusiasts and likely will for years to come, Whyno thinks its influence is perhaps waning somewhat among a general audience.

While families historically gathered around their televisions every Saturday to watch, he said, times are changing — both with the coming-of- age of a new generation, and the rise of more channels and digital platforms through which to see games.

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A poster highlights a Hockey Day in Canada matchup. Graphic by Jackman Chan, presented under Creative Commons license.

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