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In Mayit was revealed that veteran actor, Anthony Wong, will portray the titular character. The casting of Anthony Wong, who is of mixed Caucasian and Chinese descent, was an unexpected choice for many fans. To prepare for the role, Anthony reportedly studied Wing Chun for approximately one year.

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Ye Wen is now the most popular kung fu action star. There's even a rumor about a possible Ip Man 3. His famous student was Hollywood action star Bruce Lee.

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Yet, despite both identifications, he was little known outside the kung fu circle until Hong Kong director Wilson Yip's movie Ip Man.

The movie starred Chinese kung fu actor Donnie Yen, and though it possessed little innovation as a kung fu flick, the movie made quite a stir back then.

Ip Man The Final Fight

The reasons behind the success seem obvious. First of all, there are a fixed number of kung fu movie fans in the Chinese mainland.

  • Viewers who are just looking for a fun action movie are bound to be disappointed. The filmmakers fall over themselves trying to respect Man's outlook on life, and this makes their subject seem more like a hyper-disciplined saint than a world-reknowned, ass-kicking hermit.
  • The actor admits that he is uncertain if he can deliver another character as iconic as Ip Man, a role which catapulted him to A-list status seven years ago.
  • For the first time, witness the early years of the revolutionary grandmaster who trained Martial arts superstar, Bruce Lee. See full movie info.
  • Remember Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? This one is going to be fun!

Second, before the screening of the first movie, publicity focused on the fact that Ye had been the teacher of Bruce Lee and a kung fu master, creating a curiosity among the audience about what such a legendary figure would be like.

Also as Ye was linked to the complicated period when China was besieged by imperial powers making his story sound more interesting.

Together with the personal attractiveness of leading actor Donnie Yen, the popularity of an Ip Man movie was assured. However, after Ye's story became known to almost everyone, the remaking of it runs the risk of saturating the audience.

Ninety percent of his stories Some netizens have mocked that Ye Wen has already fought hooligans, the Japanese invaders, and Western fighters, so now there's no one left to fight except maybe aliens.

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  • Ip Man: The Final Fight ()
  • “Ip Man: Final Fight” to Begin Shooting in Foshan

According to a report from the Shanghai Evening Post, Yau said that as a legendary figure, Ye's spirit should be protected and not allowed to be over consumed. But the key is to consider what another movie might bring to the audience.

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In an interview with the Global Times, Fan said that in the Ye Wen on TV "is not portrayed in the traditional way but contains modern people's understanding of that time period. Only those repeating the same ideas will bore the audience.

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Zhu said this year's film had a percent drop from last year due to repeating the same ideas. The biggest taboo is repeating the same thing again and again.

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