Is It Cold Watching An Ice Hockey Game

Sunday, September 29, 2019 3:10:21 PM

Center Ice as viewed from the press box at the San Jose Arena. One of the most unique aspects of hockey is the surface on which the game is played: the ice itself. The players talk about the quality of the ice; they've helped coin the terms "fast ice" and "slow ice.

Cincinnati Cyclones

We are watching an ice hockey game this evening

So I decided that was a chance I must take and left home in a hurry and a bit excited for the great experience that I was hoping to witness. The city was full of fans, all of them dressed up with shirts and ice-hockey props.

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  • Temperatures were in the 20s and a frigid wind whipped across the frozen-over Harlem Meer next to the rink. Refereeing outdoor hockey is not for lightweights.
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Hala Rondo After arriving to Hala Rondo, I spent some time looking for the box office to buy the ticket for the match. Before entering the home arena through the tourniquet, I went to the HC Kometa pub to drink a beer.

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It was full of supporters waiting impatiently for the start of the match. Everyone was cheering and shouting for the local team players and finally they entered the rink.

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From the presentation of the players to the beginning of the match it was only a few minutes that went by very quickly for me, since my expectation to watch the match was huge. So the match started. The ice-hockey disc, called puck, was sliding through the ice in an incredible speed, that I could barely see it.

Hockey Game Outfits

But I was trying to learn about all the aspects of the match. What I found the most interesting was the physical contact between players.

They sure have to be in a great condition to endure such tackles during the matches. Everyone was happy and celebrated with intensity. Nevertheless, remember, that even when HC Kometa was losing, the supporters were always trying to motivate their players to do an overturn. Thankfully, they could do it.

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