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Introducing the Land Rover Discovery Sport

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On the road, the new car has plenty of oomph and good handling. The petrol hp 2-litre hits 60mph in 7.

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And if you're fording streams, it has a wading depth of almost 2ft mm. No slouch: The petrol hp 2-litre hits 60mph in 7. Built to be tough at Halewood, Merseyside, the new Disco Sport shares its flexible chassis with the Range Rover Evoque and is central to Land Rover's plans to 'electrify' its range.

Its volt mild hybrid 'electrified' engines will help reduce emissions and fuel consumption. Just don't wash it too often.

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The photographs are some of the first official images of a lightly disguised prototype being tested in the UK before arriving in showrooms next spring. It will have the same engine as the coupe: a hp 4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine linked to an 8-speed automatic gear-box with manual paddles giving acceleration from rest to 60mph in 3.

  • With the Evoque getting a redesign for the model year, it was time for the Discovery Sport to go under the knife as well. Hitting showrooms this summer, the Land Rover Discovery Sport gets an array of new tech features and a mild-hybrid powertrain, while keeping its traditional Land Rover ruggedness.
  • May 23, Share To the untrained eye high above the surface, the Utah desert can look a lot like Mars. A new ad for Land Rover shot at the Mars Desert Research Station features physician and scientist Shawna Pandya and focuses on her training as a citizen astronaut candidate who could someday travel far beyond the moon.
  • If you got muddy for a living, either by rearing sheep or shooting people with machineguns, you had a Defender.
  • Stepping on the throttle as gingerly as a radioactive puddle, never exceeding the limit and braking for hazards half-a-mile away, I managed peak fuel economy of Poor show.
  • Military uses include light utility vehicle; communications platform; weapon platform for recoilless rifles , Anti-tank e.
  • By: Christopher Smith The clip features a man scaling a cliff and driving home.

Drivers don't feel the pressure One in six drivers 17 per cent has never checked their tyre pressure says new research from Goodyear. And women feel less confident and more reliant on a partner to do that job than men, while younger drivers aged 18 to 24 are most likely to neglect their tyres.

Volvo's no spine tingler More than one in three motorists And one in ten has taken off a full working week or longer because of problems caused by poor seats.

Land Rover Discovery Sport TV Commercial, 'River Rafting' [T2]

The research shows of Volvo was one of the first car makers to incorporate spinal research into its seat design, with the Volvo Amazon in

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