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Thursday, September 12, 2019 11:05:50 AM

All teams must wear unifying colors, either the t-shirts that PSSG provides or their own jerseys. For facilities with artificial turf grass, shoes with cleats must be soccer shoes. Football shoes or other shoes with a front cleat are not permitted. All teams should bring a game ball to play with.

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Just the one point needed from their final two games and they might not even need that. That's all from me here though. Fall-out from the game and the night's events can be found on the homepage.

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I feel for the Bulgaria people I genuinely do, but you have to look at the banners the stadium half closed down, it does nothing. We have said it for many years. We have managed to make two statements by winning the games and have raised awareness to everybody.

We had a pre agreement I would come down if the game was interrupted. The second half went ahead on that basis.

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The players wanted to get out there and play and win it. Any of it is appalling. But racism has reared its ugly head again and in a protocol by UEFA we went to stage two of a three stage process that could have led to the game being abandoned.

The chanting didn't fully stop in the second period but make no mistake, this UEFA protocol has been in place for 10 years and this is by far the closest a match has come to being abandoned.

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Progress in stamping racism out the sport looks like is finally being made. Of course, still much more work to do though.

Taking a lay-off from Kane before his prodded effort across goal bounces off the woodwork. They certainly should have scored just now, with Sancho collecting a ball at the back post only for his shot to be beaten away by Illiev. The ball falls for a player inside the England box and in attempting a shot on goal not only does he not hit the target it does not even go the right direction as it looks like he clears the ball downfield.

Damn do they need another Hristo Stoichkov and Dimitar Berbatov in their ranks.

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Harry Kane nutmegs a defender, canters into the box and then rifles past Iliev at his near post. His performance has deserved that.

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