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It was funny and sexy and I really enjoyed both main characters. Her sister, Neve, is a sports journalist. Jed West is the captain of the Hellions.

Head Coach by Lia Riley

But come on.

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Then again, my imagination is vivid. Surely I can expect anything, right? And if I expect the unexpected, maybe the unexpected will cease to exist. Or what if it never existed?

I should have a safer place for this, but I really have enough spreadsheets on my drive. These books move fast, and not only because they range from pages.

My brain fights not to implode while I fidget on the beanbag, the only available seating in the lobby. For better or for worse, this is the usual functioning of my sober mind.

I anticipated capital C cool, but this is a whole other alphabet of awesome. Koi ponds? No, wait. Get your head in the game.

I valiantly try to look like the poster child for calm and collected. Not this—guns blazing into the land of adventure junkies. Even the receptionist must moonlight as a Pilates instructor or a fitness model.

In yet another unconventional nod, dogs are welcome around the office. Holy Mother of God, I long to be part of this cool club. Why are you even bothering? My cheeks burn as my breathing gets shakier. I need to pull it together.

I can do this. I have to. My phone buzzes. Heard back from Rapid City. Looks like South Dakota is rejecting me, too. I need this Outsider position. Apparently the town hit some national list for both happiest and brainiest city. Go time. Asthmatics can be mouth breathers.

Not a great first impression. Lip check. Ensure mine are politely closed.

Mister Hockey: Hellions Angels by Lia Riley, Paperback

Yes, good. Now inhale through the nose, shallow breathing at a controlled rate. The trick is to remain calm and keep the self-doubt under lock and key. They introduce themselves as Amber editor in chief , Capp assistant editor , Briar associate editor , and Reed editor. Most people exist, that is all.

Let me see.

Across the Board: Embarrassed? Don't Worry

Tortoiseshell Glasses Lady actually gasps. Oh my. I had the wildest crush on him during the seventies.

Mister Hockey (Hellions Angels, #1) by Lia Riley

His poster hung on my wall next to David Cassidy and John Travolta. And oh good Lord, that Burt Reynolds mustache.

Apparently it was his trademark. Their bodies were never recovered, but our family erected a tombstone for him at the Aspen Grove Cemetery. Bushy Sideburns coughs into his fist.

lia riley: 24 Books available This was not good. None of your concern.
Mister Hockey, Hellions Angels by Lia Riley For love and money, Breezy Angel is a librarian, but for love alone, she's a fierce Hellions fan and a member of their biggest fan club, the Hellcats.

Red Turban fiddles with a pen cap. No one on the panel speaks or makes eye contact. Death is a buzzkill.

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Time to switch gears—fast. Yes, some twins behave that way. Harper and I never shared a mirror- image relationship, unless it was one from a fun house. My instincts are right. Their posture relaxes. Grandpa might be a hero to these people, but they want to celebrate his achievements, not his untimely demise in a blizzard or that his ambition may or may not have contributed to the loss of three other lives.

I dry my sweaty hands on my knees and on we go. My guard drops and I start mentally decorating my desk in the rustic but chic open-plan office space when it happens.

The unexpected turns up when—wait for it—I least expect it. Guess it exists after all. Blow this moment and kiss Boulder good-bye.

Childhood asthma will seem like a time of rainbows and unicorns after a smog-filled year in Bakersfield. A framed woodcut poster hangs on the mud-brick wall behind their heads.

Review: Mister Hockey by Lia Riley

What if? My tongue forms the next words before my brain can slam on the brakes. My quick thinking works—the four frowns turn upside down. Many cultures around the world revere high places as possessing supernatural aspects.

A pretty good deal except for the fact the summit is perpetually shrouded in impenetrable clouds and no one in living memory has made it there and lived to tell the tale. Maybe this mountain could be a dream maker for me, too.

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