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Saturday, October 19, 2019 12:59:14 PM

As a writer for trade publications and Lifewire, he has endeavored to break down complex technical subjects so readers of every tech level can understand them. That means you can use this service to watch live television on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, or on your television with devices like Apple TV and Roku. For example, you could catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade from your hideout in the backyard, away from the family.

NBC adds minute preview feature to NBC Sports Live Extra

But what does the Premier League Pass mean for you, and how will it change your viewing habits?

Q: What is Premier League Pass? A: Premier League Pass is a brand-new paid streaming service that will allow soccer fans to watch all of the Premier League games that are not shown on television.

So on a typical Premier League weekend, subscribers will be able to watch three games that are available exclusively via the new service. Q: How much of the season will those games encompass, and which clubs will be featured on Premier League Pass?

Every single club in the Premier League will be featured a minimum of three times. Q: Which teams will be featured most often? The clubs that will be featured the least but still a minimum of three games per season are Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester City and Arsenal.

A: Correct. A: According to Philly. Eastern on most Saturdays, as it did this past season. Q: Will this mean that current viewers who subscribe to all of the NBC Sports channels through their cable or satellite provider will be unable to watch games through the NBC Sports App?

Q: So, that means I might lower my package for my cable company?

Linking your TV Provider to the NBC and NBCU Family of Apps

Q: Will replays be made available on Premier League Pass of all of the games each weekend including the ones that were originally streamed live on Premier League Pass?

NBC Sports is forbidden by the Premier League to allow all 10 games each weekend to be available for viewing online. Will they continue to be able to access all games per season as before? They would have to purchase that separately no different than any other MVPD.

Q: Why not make all games per season available via the new service?

Bills Gameday Ways to Watch & Listen

A: No monthly subscription options will be available. Q: What happens to football bars now on those weekends where your club is pushed into the window and is not featured? A: We understand that NBC Sports is considering a way for bars to still be able to broadcast these games but that no decision has yet been made.

Q: Will we be able to see the schedule of which games will be streamed on this new service before signing up? A: No. They will only be available via Premier League Pass. No TV package will be made available. Q: What programming will be made available on Premier League Pass?

NBC Sports Live Extra

Premier League News — Daily, weekday program showcasing the top news stories from around the Premier League. Premier League Today — Daily, weekday comprehensive soccer magazine, chat and analysis show. Premier League World — The weekly magazine show provides club updates, with manager and player interviews, and showcases features from around the world.

Premier League Review — A one-hour show reviewing each match day with analysis and reaction from around the grounds. Netbusters — A half-hour program which showcases all the goals, misses, saves, bloopers and quotes from a round of matches using alternative camera angles.

Goals of the Season — Available on-demand.

How to Watch NBC Sports Chicago Live Without Cable in

Season Review — Available on-demand. Season Preview — Available on-demand. Additional classic archive programming — Available on-demand. Men In Blazers Show — Available on-demand.

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