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Wednesday, September 4, 2019 10:20:42 PM

A US-Canada showdown in the women's gold medal game was inevitable from the beginning, or at the very least once it was clear this young, rebuilt version of the US team would not take Sweden -- which pulled off a stunning upset over the Americans in at Turin, Italy -- lightly. But that's not to suggest it's a tired rivalry.

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Note: This post will update with results as the tournament progresses.

FISU Ice Hockey

Group B will feature the remaining four teams in the tournament, including a unified Korean team that has representatives from both North Korea and South Korea, with only the top two teams qualifying for the elimination.

After each team competes in three preliminary round games one against each other team in their group , the top two teams in the Group A table will receive a first-round bye in the medal round — automatically advancing them to the semifinal round.

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In the quarterfinal round, the third-place team from Group A will play the second-place team in Group B, while the fourth-place team in Group A plays the top team in Group B. The quarterfinal winners will advance to face the top two teams in Group A, while the two quarterfinal losers will play the bottom two teams in Group B in a classification round that determines places five through eight in the tournament standings.

This post will be updated with specific listings as the tournament nears.

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