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Wednesday, September 11, 2019 2:56:39 PM

Dietrich this season has 17 home runs, and seven of those have come against the Pirates over a span of just nine games. Without question, getting owned to such an extent has lodged firmly in the craw of the Pirates and their rooters. What's no doubt made it worse is that Dietrich has recently admired his handiwork in the box, which of course is a capital offense in some baseball quarters. Things reached a peak on Tuesday, when Dietrich ritually abused the Pirates for a trio of dingers and varying degrees of self-appreciation in each instance: This brings us to Pirates broadcaster and former Pirates player John Wehner. While it eludes the present author why anyone would listen to anyone say things over the airwaves when it doesn't involve describing actual sports action, people who unaccountably believe otherwise heard Wehner say these things on the car stereos of western Pennsylvania via Tim Benz of TribLive.

Derek Dietrich: Pirates broadcaster John Wehner rips Reds player for celebrations

Tony La Russa invades booth to argue with a Pirates broadcaster

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Yasiel Puig is restrained during a bench-clearing altercation in the ninth inning between the Reds and Pirates on Tuesday in Cincinnati.

The National League Central division teams already didn't like each other. Their rivalry goes back years, including a benches-clearing incident back on April 7 in Pittsburgh.

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Tempers would flare again, but first, a little after 10 p. ET on Tuesday, news of a blockbuster deal began to circulate.

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Read More With two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning, a pitch from Pirates reliever Keone Kela sailed just over the head of Derek Dietrich.

While it didn't hit him, it appeared to get the blood boiling. Reds first baseman Joey Votto shouted toward the Pittsburgh dugout between innings, and crew chief Larry Vanover warned both teams. In the ninth inning, Reds reliever Jared Hughes was ejected after hitting Starling Marte with a pitch, one he says "just slipped.

Afterward, he started chirping with the Pirates' bench. Things then got crazy. While Garrett was on the mound talking with coach Jeff Pickler, he sprinted toward the Pirates' dugout. Garrett threw a punch, taking on the entire Pittsburgh team himself.

Chaos erupted, and the game was delayed as players spilled out of the dugouts.

Pittsburgh Pirates

When it appeared things were starting to calm down, Puig -- with the report of the trade coming just minutes earlier -- kept it going. As far as it happened as the fight was going on, and I'm thinking like, 'Dude, what are the Indians thinking right now?

What's going on? This is probably crazy that this is happening. He's getting traded.

Longtime Pirates broadcaster Steve Blass to retire after

The Pirates went on to win the game Puig found out about the trade after his ejection, he said. With trade reports swirling across the baseball world, Yasiel Puig reflects on what may have been his final night with the Reds.

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BornToBaseball pic. BornToBaseball Reds pic.

Kyle Crick: Pirates reliever injured after clubhouse fight

Tonight's game has ended They play each other again Wednesday at p.

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