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Rugby league live 3 ps3 big w

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy: Hall of Fame Platinum : Collect all trophies. Good Game Bronze : Win your first match. Debut Bronze : Complete your first career match.

You're Welcome Bronze : View the entire credits sequence without skipping. Ding Bronze : Reach user level 1. Boosted Bronze : Purchase a boost in career player mode.

Mirror Mirror Bronze : Create a player in the fanhub and upload it to the world. That's My Team!

Bronze : Create and share a custom team in the fanhub. Challenger Bronze : Complete a challenge in a casual match.

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Commander Bronze : Win a match using the Auckland Nines ruleset. Ding X Bronze : Reach user level Showing Potential Bronze : Reach level 10 in career mode after beginning your career as rookie.

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That's Gold Bronze : Achieve gold medals in all drills. Try Hard Bronze : Score 92 or more points in a single match. Try Harder Bronze : Score 9 or more tries in a match with a single player. Tick Tock Bronze : Win a match in extra time.

If at First You Don't Succeed Bronze : Score tries in any mode.

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Try Try Again Silver : Score tries in any mode. Ding XL Silver : Reach user level Professional Silver : Reach level 25 in career mode after beginning your career as rookie. Objectivity Silver : Complete 50 career mode objectives.

Prodigy Silver : Retire your career player and start a prodigy rookie.

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Try Hard With a Vengeance Silver : Score more than tries in a player's career after beginning your career as rookie. We are the Champions Silver : Win a premiership or championship in career mode. Ding LX Gold : Reach user level Superstar Gold : Reach level 50 in career mode after beginning your career as rookie.

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Patriot Gold : Represent your country in career mode after beginning your career as rookie. Club Champion Gold : Play 10 years at the same club as a single player in career mode. Around The Web.

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