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The expansion takes place during the end-game content and features Eltariel as a playable character. To get the game ready for the expansion, a new patch is available that refines the Nemesis System and fixes bugs.

Shadow of War: Desolation of Mordor is Live with Free Updates

Middle Earth: Shadow Of War: Online Fight Pits (UK) from Middle

Middle-earth: Shadow of War allows you to dominate and build your own unique Orc Army to take on the threat of Sauron. This feature will become unlocked later in the game when you earn the ability to Dominate Orcs.

Powerful Orcs may also have an Advanced Class that gives them even greater benefits. Select the Orc Follower you want to deploy and then press Left or Right on the Army screen that appears until you select the Region that you want to deploy the Orc Follower in.

Note that you can only deploy Orc Followers if there are open Orc slots in the Region.

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You can make more room by killing enemy Orc Captains, placing your existing Orc Followers in a fight-to-the-death in the Fight Pit, or Shunning existing Orc Followers to cause them to leave your army. Select the squares to the right of the assigned Orc Follower to purchase or activate the upgrades.

Purchased Siege Upgrades will remain even if you choose different Orc Followers.

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Training Orders Training Orders allow you to upgrade Orc Followers and change various attributes about them, such as what type of damage their weapon does.

You can use Training Orders on your Orc Followers by visiting the Army screen via the in-game Menu and selecting Command over the Orc you wish you upgrade.

From here, you will see a Training Orders option and will be able to use any Training Orders that your Orc Follower is eligible for. There, they will take on enemy Orc competitors and will receive experience if they are victorious.

  • Guide by Chris Tapsell, Staff Writer Updated on 3 November Building an army in Shadow of War is, alongside your story-based quests, one of the main points of focus you'll have in the game.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War ontvangt grote nieuwe update; geen microtransacties meer!
  • The player controls the game's protagonist Talion, who has several natural athletic and combat abilities as a ranger of Gondor , but also has unique abilities provided by the spirit of the elf lord Celebrimbor , with whom he shares his body.
  • Travel to the Eastern Deserts of Lithlad and raise a new army of human mercenaries. As a mortal man, and lacking a Ring of Power or a wraith, Baranor can neither cheat death nor dominate Orcs.
  • Players will also come face-to-face with classic Doctor Who monsters, within virtual reality. Escape from Weeping Angels, face off against brand-new creatures and pilot a Dalek shell to harness its fearsome weaponry in a thrilling and immersive single-player adventure.
  • Dxmonic86 1 year ago 1 Hello, I have been absent from playing shadow of war and decided to get back into it. What i would like to know is which leveling method works on orcs is it missions or pit fights and how long does it take for a regular orc to hit epic then legendary?

You can also command two of your Orc Followers to a fight-to-the-death in the Fight Pit. To do this, you can visit the Army screen and select Command over one of the Orcs you want to participate in the fight.

You can then select the second Orc you want to participate and these Orcs will be sent to the fight Pit. When you do this, one of your Orc Followers will die, but the winning Orc will receive experience.

Doing so will immediately cause them to leave your army and will lower their level. To do this, locate the Orc Follower in-game, Dominate them, and then select the Shun option from the Dominate screen.

Shadow of War Orc Follower FAQ

You can also Shun enemy Orc Captains to reduce their level.

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