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Tuesday, October 29, 2019 1:34:27 PM

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Instead of grown hockey players making big bucks in a tough business influenced by owners of varying difficulty, "The Tournament" consisted of preteen players whose families spent big bucks to put them in a tough business influenced by parents of varying difficulty.

The Tournament Tv Show Hockey

The first season, consisting of seven minute episodes, makes it clear from the first moment that "The Tournament," like much of organized youth sports, is not about the kids. The first episode opens with type: "This is the story of the Farqueson Funeral Home Warriors and their quest to qualify for the Chateauguay Invitational Atom Tournament.

Due to scenes of appallingly petty adult behavior, this show may not be suitable for children. I think I'm underestimating Barry's motivation: 99 percent of what he does in life is intended to get his talented son Robbie into the NHL. Barry, a former school hockey star turned auto parts stockroom attendant, is presented as an almost cartoonish whack job from minute one of the show, the embodiment of the worst traits of every sports parent you've ever seen.

  • The top four teams in the league standings will host seeds five through eight on campus in the quarterfinals in the first round of the playoffs, while the remaining teams will be eliminated from championship contention.
  • Season 7 I skate like a girl. Try and keep up.
  • Frequently Asked Questions What is a gate fee and when does it need to be paid? This way there is no hassle of purchasing passes or having a check in at the door.
  • This season, the Robert Morris Colonials have found a great one.

If that's all "The Tournament" was, it would get tiresome very quickly. But what happens over the course of seven episodes -- which is why the show works as movie, watching them all back to back -- is that two truths are revealed about how putting their children in sports transforms even the sanest parents into raving lunatics :.

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