Top Ten Foods To Eat While Watching Football

Saturday, October 12, 2019 12:23:56 PM

When you watch a Super Bowl, there's nothing like sitting down with an amazing spread to gorge on during the game. Bhat food will you trust to make the weeks of planning worth it when the Patriots face the Rams on Sunday? Remember, for many people, the Big Game is more like the Big Gulp -- a wintertime Thanksgiving for football fans, their friends and, best of all, the people who pretend to be both. So what better way to prepare for Super Sunday than by sizing up some of the most popular game-day snacks?

Everything you need for a night in watching the football

Share via Pinterest If there's one thing I love about football season, it's all of the game-day festivities that go along with it—truth be told, the game itself just might be my least favorite part of the whole to-do.

Even for us non-sports people, Sundays are a great excuse to socialize, partake in some good old-fashioned team spirit, and most importantly, eat some really, really good food. Trouble is, the vast majority of classic football apps are pretty high in fat and calories , and nutritious choices are often few and far between.

45 Super Bowl Snack Recipes

Of course, there's a time and a place to indulge, but when I'm trying to stick to my healthy eating goals, I find that I'm usually S. Regardless, the recipes I picked here are tasty and nutritious, so hopefully you'll find something you—and your tailgating crew—will enjoy.

In order to make sure there's something somewhat healthy on hand, I always contribute a healthier version of a crowd-pleasing dish to whatever gathering I'm going to.

30+ the BEST Football Party Food

Often, nobody even catches on to the changes. Whether your team wins or loses, these 11 recipes always come out on top. They're lighter on high-calorie ingredients like cheese, cream, and bacon, and there are plenty of veggies and lean proteins in the mix.

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