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Saturday, October 19, 2019 3:41:55 AM

But rival Samsung, which often brags about the thousands of downloadable watch faces for its own smartwatches, is now being sued over distributing cloned third-party ones in its Galaxy Store. Switzerland-based Swatch Group has filed a complaint against Samsung over alleged trademark infringement concerning the designs for over 30 downloadable watch faces the Swiss watchmaker, for those not in the know, has a history of taking legal action. The watchmaker is basically concerned that those ripped-off designs by third-party developers might fool customers into believing that Samsung and Swatch have an official deal. The infringing watch faces came from third-party developers, Samsung just hosted them on the Galaxy Store, and many of them were paid. A Swatch spokesman said: This is a blatant, wilful and international violation of our trademarks by Samsung.

Transfer Pictures or Videos

Namrata Gogoi 07 Dec Samsung's version of the Galaxy Watch arrives with a few significant upgrades. Besides the nifty rotating bezel and strong battery life we used it for five days straight without recharging , the Galaxy Watch is also focused more on health.

And similar to most Samsung devices , this one also boasts of numerous features and settings. So, if you have bought a brand new smartwatch this holiday season, here are a few nifty tips and tricks to get the most out of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Let's check them out. The many watch faces let you sport a distinct look. The good thing about these watch faces is that you can customize them further. From the number of steps and floors to the color of the dial, you can tweak a lot. Just open the Galaxy Wearable app and navigate to Watch Faces, choose one and tap on the little orange icon at the upper-right corner.

Pick the color as per your liking and click on Save. Depending on the theme you've selected, you can also pick the icons or the depth effect.

Smaller is better with Samsung’s Gear Sport smartwatch

Once done, click on Save. That's it, a brand new watch every time you get bored with the old one.

Document best way to use xDrip+ with Tizen

For analog watch faces, you can even enable the ticking sounds to make it resemble you guessed it right an analog watch. Alternatively, you can long-press on the watch screen, which will show up the various watch faces.

Swipe left to cycle through them all. To tweak the color and the display of a particular watch face, simply tap on the Customize button at the bottom. Also on Guiding Tech Read More 2.

Reorder Apps as per Your Liking Instead of opening apps in the default order, you can select the order of the apps.

That means if you'd rather have Calendar first and Contacts second, you can change the arrangement.

Restore paid watch faces after reset

And similar to the above trick, you can do that either on your phone app or on the watch directly. Staying organized is the key On your watch, go to the Recent Apps page by pressing the Home key.

Once done, long-press the screen until the page is on Edit mode. Now, rearrange the apps according to their priority, by a simple drag and drop operation. Now, reorder the apps as per your liking. This method is handy and doesn't take much of your time.

Gear Sport smartwatch user manual SM

Reorder Widgets Similar to apps, you can also reorder Widgets to get to the action quicker. The Galaxy Wearable app comes to your rescue in this situation.

Neat, right? Customize Notifications Getting notifications on your smartwatch is a rather cool thing to have. But the experience can get a bit sour if your watch vibrates at every notification you receive. The trick here is to tweak the notification settings such that you receive only priority ones.

Pro Tip: You can also choose to mute the notifications on your phone through the Mute Connected Phone option under the Notifications settings. But this feature can go for a toss if the phone lights up or vibrates when you are trying to sleep.

All you have to do is open the Galaxy Wearable app and go to Advanced and toggle the switch for Good Night. This mode will mute all alerts and system sounds, along with the Always on Display AOD screen and the wake gestures. Toggle the switch on and select the days as well as the time.

Samsung Tizen Smart wearables S-Voice If you're the kind of person that finds smart watches fiddly then the concept of controlling your watch via S-Voice is enticing.

That's all! Pro Tip: Though the Galaxy Watch is waterproof, it will register false touches when underwater or during a shower. In such cases, the best bet is to enable the Water Lock mode.

Similar to the above trick, the Water Lock mode is also hidden under the Advanced settings. Also on Guiding Tech Click here to see our wearable articles page 6. Enable Screen Capture Screenshots find its use in many scenarios such as reporting an issue with an app or creating a set of instructions as I am doing here.

Thankfully, Samsung has bundled in a nifty way to grab screenshots on your watch. All you need to do is press the Back button and the Home button simultaneously, and swipe the screen from left to right. That will capture a screenshot immediately.

Samsung’s Gear Sport Is Easier to Use Than the Apple Watch, But Where Are My Damn Apps?

To view the screenshot, open Gallery on your smartwatch. Customize Home Key Similar to the volume rockers on smartphones , the Home key of the Galaxy Watch is easily customizable to your liking.

By default, it opens up Bixby, however, until the time Bixby is polished, the button can serve as a trigger for a more useful app. To do so, open the advanced setting on the Wearable app and tap on the first option.

Please note that Quick Dial will need access to the microphone to place calls. Customize Background Style Apart from the custom watch faces, pretty much the whole of the watch has a black background. Interestingly, it too can be tweaked. To make the changes, navigate to Display settings of the Wearable app and press in Choose Background Style.

Now, tap on the one you like and the changes will apply on the watch. Cool right? Yep, you read that right.

The watch has the built-in ability to store music tracks , all thanks to the 4GB internal memory.

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