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Friday, September 20, 2019 3:49:55 PM

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UF explains graduation changes

These instructions can be found on the website of the U. The consulate website should list what documents the applicants must prepare and present in their application.

University of Florida Commencement Questions

This is a personal application in which applicants must demonstrate their eligibility through a visa interview. The following information provides additional tips for visitor visa applications.

Should You Graduate College in Three Years?

You should be as specific as possible. If your family will stay with you, mention this in your letter or include the name and address of the hotel where they will stay.

If coming to your graduation they should show proof of this. If they are coming for a conference or special event, they should bring proof of this instead or as well.

Best Online Colleges in Florida for

WHEN will they arrive in the U. The best way to prove this is with plane tickets that they have or are planning to purchase or a flight itinerary to prove they will not stay in the U.

Remember that plane tickets should not be purchased until the visa is granted. HOW will they support themselves while they are in the U.

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University Response to Executive Orders.

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