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After a year run as the sports director at KOA, Johnson embarks on a new challenge this fall. Before his time in Syracuse, Johnson was the play-by-play announcer for four years at Illinois State University and earned three Silver Dome Awards for best play-by-play broadcast in the state of Illinois. He also worked for two years as an announcer for the University of North Dakota.

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Still, generations of Denver media consumers know him best as a radio host, teaming at multiple stations, including Irv Brown and his onetime radio partner, Woody Paige.

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YouTube Paige was one of many sports personalities in town to eulogize Brown. In a tweet, he wrote, "The pride of North Denver. Irv became the No.

Instructor in Sports Journalism

College baseball and football coach. I coerced him to join my sports talk show in Irv was the best.

Devoted husband and father and friend. Irv and Joe, as they were known, bantered about sports like a pair of old drinking buddies, often drilling down to the atomic level on any topic that came to mind.

Colorado Buffaloes

In addition to discussing minutia related to the Broncos or the CU Buffs, they'd talk about obscure high school ballers from years gone by likely remembered only by the players' parents — and, of course, them.

Yet as sports radio became increasingly slick and professional, their style could seem quaint and old-fashioned, as noted by Darren McKee, aka He was a great little shortstop for Arvada West back in Good guy, Timmy. Irv and Joe are icons, no doubt about it.

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But Irv and Joe didn't have to get ratings, they didn't have to drive revenue, they didn't have to do the things you have to do at most commercial radio stations, because it was just different. The expectations were different.

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