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Sunday, October 27, 2019 5:47:50 AM

New Sportsnet app: iTunes Google Play There are the obvious blingy lifestyle factors, but the oddest thing that stands out for me on Hockey Wives is the collectivist nature of their existence. The show wants to make it look like these women belong to a tight-knit sorority, so certainly some of this is scripted, but it still seems like a lot of real togetherness.

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It was difficult to watch Kodette LaBarbera talk about some of the challenges she faces on a daily basis.

Kodette and the kids decided to fly to Anaheim from Calgary to meet him, having not seen him for two months. Ryder is receiving special treatments in Calgary, so Kodette and the kids live there year-round regardless of where Jason is playing.

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She agreed to do the show in part to raise awareness about some of the charities she works with in Calgary. I think a lot of parents would make the same sacrifice.

  • The nine-episode season offers off-the-ice access to the busy lives of six ambitious women and their pro-hockey husbands.
  • The nine-episode season offers off-the-ice access to the busy lives of six ambitious women and their pro-hockey husbands. Facing the everyday struggles of balancing families, careers, and personal aspirations, the women must also live with being married to the game.
  • Live on July 11, in Los Angeles, California.
  • I know, bold statement, right? Hear me out.
  • I already love this show. Finally we have a reality television show that my husband and I can watch together.
  • Not only do teams play multiple matches each week, but they also spend large amounts of time on the road, traveling to other arenas across North America. This puts a lot of pressure on the personal lives of players, and can be especially demanding for the NHL Players' wives.

Following a bike ride along the sea, Kodette and Jenny Scrivens, married to Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben, were able to commiserate over the challenges of playing goal in Edmonton. That many in a row.

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And as she met with agents, she confessed another problem. Martine Forget is trying to get back into modelling post-baby. But the episode really focused more on the challenges some of the other wives face on a daily basis.

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Ray joined his family on a trip to Las Vegas to see his son Hudson compete in a hockey tournament, but the couple was struggling to adjust to the new reality and Brijet was reluctant to say too much to him. They both have their own clothing lines — he is involved with Violent Gentlemen, she with Plain Threads — and they need those projects to work.

He was knocked out during the season-opener of the season in Montreal, suffering a broken jaw and four days of concussion symptoms after his head hit the ice.

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