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We are Coming Soon! Final Fantasy 15 is full of of easter eggs, allusions, and nods to the other installments in the 30 year old franchise. At level thirty-two and with 64, HP, Quetzalcoatl can prove to be a troublesome foe, mostly due to its quick and heavy attacks. We'll update it when we have more info. Similar to Side Quests, Final Fantasy XV includes Bounty Hunts that are specialized missions where Noctis and his pals must track down and defeat specified creatures roaming the wilds of Eos.

Create New Advertisement: Despite being mostly a Merchandise-Driven kids' show depicting about happy kids playing spinning tops, Metal Fight Beyblade has some moments that was truly terrifying to watch and witness.

Some characters also tend to induce these themselves.

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Let's do a list, shall we? He enjoys tormenting his opponents, even after he's clearly already won the battle during his battle with Hyoma, for example, where we see Poison Serpent actually wrapping itself around Hyoma's neck in a way that would make someone think of strangulation , he has no qualms about scaring the everloving crap out of little kids and he talks like snake going after his prey.

His eyes are also usually hidden and, when they open, he looks outright insane! Yu being betrayed by Dark Nebula.

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The kid only lost one time and he was forced to battle Reiji, who stuck to his usual routine of tormenting his opponent. Made even worse when Yu spotted Ryuga watching him and begged him to help, only for Ryuga to turn and walk away from him, showing that the person he thought was a good friend was only using him, shredding the last bit of hope he had for anyone to help him.

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He manages to escape but, when he appears before Gingka and his friends, he looks completely battered and passes out immediately after he saw them, as if he's just then finally reached the limit of his energy.

He's then captured again and left in a dark room, just being forced to wait for whatever punishment might be coming to him. The end of Kyoya's fight against Ryuga in episode 49, in which we see possessed Ryuga for the first time.

Advertisement: Adding onto this, the dark power itself.

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D Episode

It continuously gained more and more power inside of Ryuga's body until it completely took control of Ryuga's body and made him take on the appearance of demonic, dragon-like creature. Tsubasa's dark side was just completely insane and only wanted to win, no matter what.

Then, later on, we learn the origin of the dark power: It was the dark emotions in the hearts of the people that L-Drago was passed down to through the centuries, including greed, ambitions, anger, and desires of those people.

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Think about it: a power actually created by the darkness in peoples' hearts There's also the nightmare Yu had after the above mentioned battle. A little kid, especially a normally happy one like Yu, dreaming of an entire building going up in flames while he can only stand there and watch.

You wouldn't imagine such graphic imagery from the mind of a kid like him.

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