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Gold-medal hockey game watched by record According to BBM Canada overnight ratings, an average of

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In the United States, the game starts Wednesday at p.

There won't be NHL players in the Olympics. A refresher on why can be found here. While we're still lamenting the loss of talent , we'd be remiss to miss out on the tournament entirely. There are still plenty of reasons to tune in , so your friends at ESPN decided to help out by creating the ultimate Olympic viewing guide.

Ice Hockey Olympics Final USA vs Canada

When will games be played, and where can I watch them? The women's tournament runs Feb. The men's tournament runs Feb. Each event will also be available for live streaming and on-demand viewing on NBCOlympics.

Pyeongchang Olympic Games: Ice Hockey

Since PyeongChang is 14 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone, you'll notice some inconvenient start times. When are the gold-medal games?

Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium

The women's gold-medal game is Wednesday, Feb. The men's gold-medal game is Sunday, Feb. Who is playing? It would be a substantial surprise if it's not U. Canada in the gold-medal game on the women's side. Pool A features the top four teams, headlined by gold-medal favorites Canada and the U.

South Korea qualified as a host, but weeks before the tournament it was announced that through a special agreement with the IOC and the IIHF, 12 North Korean players will join the team to form a unified Korean team.

Six teams will advance to the playoff bracket, with four quarterfinalists and two teams earning byes to the semifinals. All four teams from Group A will automatically advance, with the top two teams in that group getting the byes.

The bottom teams in Group A will face the best two from Group B in the quarterfinals.

The Winter Olympics Hockey Schedule and USA's Roster Are Here

Both the men and the women use the same scoring system: three points for a regulation win, two points for an overtime or shootout win and one point for an overtime or shootout loss. Then the winner from each group, plus the team with the second-best record, will advance to the quarterfinals.

Everyone else will move to qualification contests. The winners of those games will meet the other group in the quarterfinals. Is it the same format as an NHL game?

Kind of.

They threatened to boycott a tournament on home soil if they weren't given equal treatment to that of the men's side of USA Hockey. With the stakes raised, they forced change at the bargaining table and won the world championships.

The one thing you'll notice is a larger ice surface. The Olympic hockey rink is roughly feet long by 98 feet wide -- about 10 feet wider than an NHL venue.

Just like the NHL, we'll have three minute periods.

Women's Hockey Has Never Been Better and Deserves More of Your Attention

And if it ends in a tie? Well, here's what will happen: In the preliminary round and qualification round, overtime is a five-minute sudden-death period, followed by a shootout. In the quarterfinals, semifinals and bronze-medal game, overtime is a minute sudden-death period, followed by a shootout.

In the gold-medal game, overtime is a minute sudden-death period, followed by a shootout. Who do we think are the favorites?

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