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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 2:44:07 AM

Share Sponsored Links The latest edition of the carriage disputes is also the most damaging, especially to sports fans in the New York area, as several Fox stations are no longer available to Cablevision subscribers. Naturally Fox and Cablevision have done the blame each other dance both press releases are after the break and set up websites arguing each side, but we're pretty sure the only real question here is if Fox5, My9 and the other networks will be back on the air in time for the NLCS which starts tonight, the New York Giants football game on Sunday, and potentially the World Series.

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In response, Altice confirmed it was negotiating with Fox and said it is "disappointed that they have started threatening to black out certain channels in an effort to extract hundreds of millions of dollars in new fees from us and our customers.

Optimum could again drop some of your favorite programming.

  • Again, at the root of the argument was who was to pay for sports programming. After a long standoff, a deal was made the following year.
  • After approximately 18 minutes of viewing I get a pop up that asks me if I am still watching.
  • So why have Cablevision salespeople been insisting to customers that they have to pay more to see the state university competing in its first big games in one of the most prestigious college-athletic conferences in the United States?
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Optimum may no longer carry your favorite sports shows and local news. Negotiations between Fox and Altice started in May.

Optimum customers could lose Fox channels right before MLB playoffs

According to sources, Fox made a proposal but Altice did not respond for months. When Altice did respond, both sides were far apart. Altice acquired Cablevision Systems in New York in Its Optimum brand service carries popular Jets and Giants football games as well as New York Yankees baseball to millions of homes in the New York market.

From Fox commercial In , Fox networks were blacked out on Cablevision for two weeks.

Cablevision secret: Big Ten games may not need upgrade

When an agreement was reached, just before the first pitch of Game 3 of the World Series, Cablevision complained that it had been pressured into a bad deal. Altice dropped Starz and Encore channels on Jan.

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They were restored Feb. Altice also owns the former Suddenlink cable systems. In July, Fox began showing ads featuring popular coaches from Big Ten schools warning fans that they might not be able to see college football games unless the dispute was settled.

A renewal was agreed upon on Aug.

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