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Thursday, September 19, 2019 5:05:35 PM

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Email In one corner, we have a network owned by a multi-billionaire, Stan Kroenke, who owns seemingly just about everything in Denver and many surrounding areas.

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In the other corner, we have three cable TV conglomerates whose monthly bills now closely approximate your car payment and seemingly get a little higher all the time. David vs.

Goliath, this is not. This means, of course, that if you have your cable provided by one of these three, and you love to watch the Altitude channel for its programming — which, of course, includes Avalanche and Nuggets games, among other sports — you are…out of luck.

You, the customer, are shut out until they come to an agreement. There has been some VERY strong language used by the two sides toward each other — highly unusual language for the corporate world.

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These actions by DISH, Comcast and DIRECTV are directly related to contract negotiations with Altitude, and while Altitude has always negotiated with them in good faith and continues to negotiate in good faith, these Big Three media conglomerates want to play by their own rules and are making unrealistic demands on Altitude.

Their actions will affect hundreds of thousands of regional sports fans and negatively impact hundreds of local businesses that continue to support their home teams. Why are these three cable and satellite giants coming together now after fifteen years to block viewers from watching their favorite local teams?

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In fact, Comcast and DIRECTV, which also own and operate their own regional sports networks that carry their local sports teams, have entered into agreements with regional sports networks throughout the United States, and even here in our very own region, on terms and conditions very similar to those that Altitude has been negotiating for.

Altitude also telecasts invaluable and award-winning programming otherwise unavailable for colleges and high schools in our state territory. Now the Big Three want to tune out their viewers and turn off our beloved teams and all other Altitude programming. This makes no sense.

We have submitted a proposal to Altitude that we believe reflects the value of its programming and are hopeful Altitude will accept it so we can continue to carry the network for those customers who want to watch it.

Fire in the hole there.

NHL Network (U.S. TV network)

Personally, this is where Comcast lost me a bit. Altitude is one channel among hundreds that customers get as part of their larger, bundled channel package. So, what is that — two hours, three hours? That actually sounds like a fair amount of viewing of one channel per week.

Now, hey, as a native of New England, I actually might want to see a bit of this, just so I can see some of the old homestead maybe.

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Nor would their 2 p. OK, stop guys.

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Give me a break on that one. But I stopped, partially because Comcast has upped their game so much. Altitude, as we mentioned, has already gone dark on DISH.

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Join now! All three are ready to dump Altitude. I mean, 60 percent?

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They need the cable companies more than the cable companies need them. Do it Altitude!

Could the Stanley Cup be any more tense and exciting!?

Alas, Altitude is stuck. They need the cable companies, to mass distribute their product. The cable companies have all the leverage, and right now they are using it. Surely, Stan Kroenke can appreciate that.

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Louis Rams fans. Yeah, the payroll was low for a couple years a few years back, but the team was in rebuilding mode and they were upfront about that.

Altitude is kind of on an island by itself. But Kroenke likes to have percent equity ownership in his businesses. And so, here we are. I always think these things will work out in the end.

But those have been some pretty strong, unusual comments publicly toward each other. I welcome your thoughts on this issue: shares.

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