What Do Koreans Eat When They Watch A Soccer Match

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The historic match ended in a scoreless draw Tuesday at huge Kim Il Sung Stadium, which was empty of spectators. The match was also under a media blackout, and the South Koreans first spoke to journalists about the playing conditions upon their return to Seoul on Thursday. It's an accomplishment that we returned from a game like that without injury," Son told reporters at Incheon International Airport.

Vietnam Football Win

For years, players around the world have demanded better pay and more support from their federations.

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In some countries, serious progress has been made; in many others, the fight continues. And through a partnership with Goal Click , we gave dozens of players disposable cameras and asked them to capture their lives as they see them. Through their photographs and answers to our questions, the players took us places fans and the news media rarely go.

Here are their stories, in their own words and images. Chelsea F. Photograph by Caitlin Foord, 24, Australia forward Rattikan Thongsombut of Thailand during national team training camp.

5 Things To Watch For In Soccer’s October International Break

Photograph by Miranda Nild Suchawadee Nildhamrong , 22, Thailand forward What does your family think of your job as a professional soccer player?

But they are very happy now that I am a member of the Korean national team and that I am doing well on the best team. And my income supports my family. Having my mom invest in my soccer career even though money was very tight.

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Leaving school multiple times a year and to play for the national team and missing out on classes. A lot of social aspects Putting a business I own on hold Finding my way to training and back Missing a lot of school and being away from home a lot Giving up my studies Traveling far from my family and friends Body Financial prosperity Social life through high school.

And then social life in college was restricted to one or two days a week I try to devote every time I have the opportunity to practice and compete in football. Teamwork Missing being with my family Leaving my children at home to play Moving far away from my family at 15 years old Teenage life Moving away from family to a country I knew nothing about Sacrificed one semester of school to participate in a continental tournament Over all just missing important, once-in-a-lifetime events.

How Big Is Kpop We look forward to your participation.

However, I was always happy playing soccer and hanging out with my teammates so I never felt the need to seek approval from other peers by going to parties. Being part of a soccer team taught me to always make good decisions in life.

Leaving home to pursue my dream as an athlete overseas When I was , I was homeschooled because it created more time for me to focus on soccer, along with a couple of other reasons.

North and South Korea: The football game that kicked off peace

I missed a large part of my childhood as a child due to the dream I had of playing futbol at an elite level Missing family events to go to tournaments Postponing my university degree Leave my family and country Living away from family.

Lack of personal time due to group living Team group living.

  • She lets me watch over her shoulder and I see an older woman, sometimes an older man, talking quietly in front of a window box of flowers against a mint green background. The woman uses her hands a lot when she speaks, pauses more than most Koreans I have listened to, and sometimes the video cuts to an image of the outdoors, of lush greenery and waterfalls.
  • The match, a qualifier for the World Cup, marked the first time North Korea had hosted its neighbors in 30 years.
  • The bizarre hobby is practised by children of all ages across South Korea, and is treated by adults as a perfectly normal prank. Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that council meeting.
  • Richmond investors warned about pyramid share scheme "The opponents were very rough, and there were moments when very abusive language was exchanged," Tottenham striker Son Heung-min said. It's an accomplishment that we returned from a game like that without injury," Son told reporters at Incheon International Airport.

Making concessions. A lot of times soccer took me away from my friends and time with them. Being away from family Not having enough food to eat, taking two buses to get to the club, being away from my family Leaving my family at the age of 12 You sacrifice relationships with family and friends To leave my family Aftereffects following injuries By running away from home to another state just to pursue my dream by playing soccer Leaving my family at the age of 12 Playing abroad I had to leave my hometown when I was Missed my family and friends a lot Leaving my families at tender age to play football Dropped out of school Missing important events for the people I love Everything in my life comes second to my football.

Also my family.

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I come from Rouen, in northern France, and started playing in Montpellier, southern France, at The cities are opposite to each other As a player on the national team, I have to consider different factors. Like playing in Europe even if the annual pay is low.

Also in my age now, I play against boys and men in the preseason of my club. Against boys growing up.

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  • FIFA World Cup qualifying North Korea hosts South Korea but no one watches

Photograph by Fernanda Pinilla, 25, Chile defender How many jobs do you have in addition to playing soccer? Sandviken players in Bergen, Norway.

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