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In a Big Ten East division that incorporates the behemoth No. That particularly applies to Michigan, which as of now has a gathering misfortune on its resume on account of Wisconsin. A second misfortune here everything except takes out Michigan from arriving at Indianapolis. In the interim, if Penn State is not kidding about its College Football Playoff trusts, it needs to show out in a major manner in this spotlight matchup. In the wake of knocking off Iowa out and about seven days back, the Nittany Lions have another shot to reinforce their resume against the Wolverines.

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Do writers play pools?

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Can the defense keep it in game vs. Joe Hermitt jhermitt pennlive. Become a PennLive Football Insider.

  • There is only one question for this series: How does each game impact the Buckeyes in the eyes of the College Football Playoff selection committee?
  • Comment Penn State football is set to take on the Iowa Hawkeyes this Saturday for the third consecutive conference matchup of the season. For the second time this season, Penn State football will hit the road.
  • The 16th-ranked Wolverines , Big Ten kick off a tough closing stretch of games at No.
  • Lodging It is best to get your overnight accommodations months in advance of the games you plan on attending. We can help you with that by entering in the dates you want to stay in our lodging availability page.
  • Penn State won 9—0, which was nine goals to none. At the time, this was really a game of "American rugby.

Learn more. The Nittany Lions have not worn well in these stretches under James Franklin recently. So, as we knew all along, mid-October will determine a lot about who this team is.

That said, an interesting story dominated the mailbag this week and it deserves a hearing. Yes, actually a letter with a handwritten signature sent in the US Mail, kids. Photo courtesy of Antonio Shelton via Twitter. The truth about what fans are can be beautiful or ugly, but, to me, it still holds the benefit of being the truth.

She said they honestly had not discussed it prior to this incident, but that now they will reevaluate how they handle mail. They contacted Mr. What would be interesting is to see how Mr. Petersen would characterize the long hair of, say, Paul Posluszny or the late Pat Tillman.

How about Blake Gillikin now?

Maryland: How to watch, what to know about Saturday's Big Ten game Nittany Lions won this meeting by 63 points last year.

If any player had wanted to fight this fight during previous PSU football regimes, I think he would have ultimately won. At what cost, though, well, you can imagine.

The armed forces and privately held companies do have the right. Loved everything he said. This, from Chris Fried: I am in an office pool where the goal is to pick the biggest college underdog that actually wins the game each week of the season. This question would be better served up to some other media people I know from all over the country who have won a bunch of NFL suicide pools over the years, not to mention participated in various fantasy leagues in all sports.

I just have no time for the stuff. I wanted to win that thing so badly. I imagine it puts a high premium on watching all of the FBS including the Group of 5 leagues whose members might spring some of the biggest outright upsets. Most writers I know stay out of competing in pools of the sports they cover for the same reasons.

They usually take part in sports they never cover. It was just too distracting during the NCAA tournament to be trying to cover a game while looking up at the arena message ribbon at scores. Not to mention actually being at a game where you were rooting for a team in your pool.

How To Watch No. 12 Penn State vs. Purdue

Bad idea. It was an auction where about 15 of us got together on the Monday after Selection Sunday and had open bidding on all 64 teams. All of that bid money went into the prize pot. I had my share of plus years.

I can tell you now that watching UNLV go down to Duke in person at my first Final Four at the HoosierDome in Indianapolis in was the difference between a 3-figure win and a 3-figure loss for me.

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Sheer agony. Clearly the offense needs better or different play calls to help. I think it absolutely can. Lots of I-formation caveman ball. Never did anything unusual or against type. Never made the Wolverines uncomfortable.

The Nits can do the same things Michigan did to Iowa QB Nate Stanley, feigning pressure with linebackers or DBs, then backing out of it at the snap and rushing different guys and also covering with D-linemen in zone blitzes.

Stanley absorbed 8 sacks and almost as many hurries. Sign up now to receive our Penn State Today newsletter in your email inbox every morning.

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