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According to ESPN. With Azteca Stadium in Mexico City sitting at en elevation of roughly 7, feet, both teams were hoping to they'd get to play in Denver in Week 10 so that they'd have a chance adjust to the high elevation The elevation at the Broncos ' stadium is about 5, feet. The biggest loser here probably ended up being the Broncos: Not only did they have to play the Chiefs AND Rams at home this year -- two of the best teams in the NFL -- but they had to play them in consecutive home games. The Broncos played the Chiefs at home in Week 4 and lost Two weeks later, they played the Rams at home in a game they ended up losing

Harbaugh, Michigan looking to play game outside US

See also: Football in Mexico and Women's football in Mexico Azteca Stadium , the sixth largest stadium in the world Mexico's most popular team sport is association football.

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Football is widely followed and practiced all over the country and it is considered the most popular sport in most states. It is believed that football was introduced in Mexico by English Cornish miners at the end of the 19th century.

By a five-team league emerged with a strong English influence. Football became a professional sport in Mexico has hosted two World Cup tournaments and Many of the stadiums in use in the league have a World Cup history. Sites such as Estadio Jalisco in Guadalajara, and Estadio Azteca in Mexico City are renowned for their national and international history.

The legendary Estadio Azteca, for example, is one of the only two stadiums in the world to have hosted two men's World Cup finals the other being the Maracana and is one of the highest capacity stadiums in the world. The FIFA World Cup in Mexico was broadcast to a global audience, and the wave or the Mexican wave was popularized worldwide after featuring during the tournament.

The team is currently ranked 21st in the World Football Elo Ratings. Mexico has qualified for fifteen FIFA World Cups and has qualified consecutively since , making it one of six countries to do so.

The Mexico national team, along with Brazil and Germany, are the only nations to make it out of the group stage over the last six World Cups. Mexico's best progression was reaching the quarter-finals in the and World Cups, both of which were staged on Mexican soil, and will host once again in sharing with Canada and United States.

Men Professional leagues[ edit ] Estadio Akron , The stadium hosted its first major international event with the first leg of the Finals of the Copa Libertadores , and hosted the Pan American Games opening and closing ceremonies.

The first Mexican club, C. Pachuca , survives.

Where to watch American college football in Mexico City?

Since , the country has played two split seasons instead of a traditional long season. There are two separate playoff and league divisions. This system is common throughout Latin America. The Apertura division begins in the middle of Mexico's summer and ends before the official start of winter.

The Clausura division begins during the New Year, and concludes in the spring season. The teams are promoted and relegated by the FMF based on percentage calculations.

Relegation is a common practice in Mexican football. There is a club exchange of each tier with the adjacent tiers so that a division's least successful team is relegated transferred to the next lower tier and the most successful club of the lower tier is promoted to the tier above.

By the placement of each, the top tier cannot promote and the bottom tier cannot relegate. The relegation system does not punish clubs for producing a single poor season. Mexican clubs are assessed on their previous five campaigns.

Points are accumulated for five seasons, and are divided by the number of matches played. The club with the lowest percentage in the Apertura is relegated to a lower division. Each team must earn their promotions. Chivas are renowned for using only Mexican players in their squad.

Consequently, they have long fed players to the Mexico national football team.

Mexico City stadium not up to snuff; NFL cancels Monday's game

He is the fourth highest scorer in the history of La Liga , the third highest scoring foreign player after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He shares the record as the highest scorer of the tournament with Ronaldinho nine goals in two editions. Horacio retired as the all-time Mexican scorer, with goals to his count.

As of , it was estimated that Mexico has over , registered players and 8,, unregistered players. Variants of association football[ edit ] Beach football is a variant of the sport of association football which was invented in Brazil.

It is played on beaches, and emphasizes skill, agility and goal scoring. Mexico finished as runners up to Brazil in its first appearance at the Beach Football World Cup.

Sport in Mexico

The Mexican team Monterrey La Raza joined the Major Indoor football League in and finished the season in second place during its inaugural year. It is the home field of the Sultanes Monterrey. Nevertheless, Mexico has had relative success in the sport, probably just behind boxing and comparable to the success obtained in football.

Although there is some dispute about exactly when and where baseball started in Mexico, baseball has a long and colorful history in Mexico, particularly in the north, with historians placing its origin there as early as the s.

Today, baseball flourishes in Mexico, where it is played professionally in both summer and winter. Pasquel signed up close to twenty major leaguers, including such well known names as Mickey Owen and Sal Maglie , and a number of Negro league players.

Mexico City game watching?

Ultimately, Pasquel's dream faded, as financial realities led to decreased salaries and his high-priced foreign stars returned home. Currently, 16 teams divided into North and South Divisions play in the Mexican Baseball League in a summer season, which ends in a 7-game championship series between the winners of the two divisions.

Mexico Has More NFL Fans Than Anywhere Outside of the US

Since , the league has been sanctioned as an AAA minor league , though no team has an affiliation with any team in the United States. Although the Mexican League has a longer history, the Mexican Pacific League is the premier baseball league in Mexico today. His home runs remained the record until Nelson Barrera surpassed him in Espino still holds the all-time records in many offensive categories.

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