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Current channels[ edit ] beIN Sports 1 HD will focus on year-round live football with the Premier League being prominent as well as content from Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs club channels in streaming media. Fromthis channel also broadcast not only football but other sporting events, such as: Tennis, Motor-racing, Handball, and many more. This channel has been launched since Augustreplacing the Premier League channel.

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Online Video Citizen Journalism Finds a Home at Al-Jazeera Al-Jazeera is letting eye-witnesses upload video from some of the world's biggest hotspots, thanks to its redesigned citizen journalism portal. Thanks to news agency Al-Jazeera , people are using online video to share their stories with a global audience.

They do so from some of the world's biggest hotspots, creating content that's compelling, startling, and often troubling. Letting people upload their own news videos is nothing new: CNN , for example, has offered its iReport feature since Al-Jazeera began experimenting with its Sharek portal which means "share" in late , so it was well-positioned to capture striking first-person views during the Arab Spring uprisings of and Regular contributors can now become accredited.

Once they've attained that trusted status, their videos will post without moderation. A World of Mobile Video Al-Jazeera's work in citizen journalism came as mobile devices with video cameras began taking off.

Online Video Citizen Journalism Finds a Home at Al

That's, I think, the philosophy here. The technology was probably mature enough around about , with journalists being a bit more open to the idea, so that was the right time. I think everything just kind of came together. Many times we were kicked out.

We were able to then verify this and make it onto the screen," says Minty.

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Citizens can submit videos to Al-Jazeera through email or the smartphone apps the agency has created. Obviously, it's not as great as images or videos.

Gaza War attacks from were the first major test of the system. One of the first videos that I saw, there was a missile attack on a building. The building had collapsed and people were stuck under the rubble and someone had a mobile phone and was running around filming the people trying to take the people out.

People were crushed and buried under buildings. With the first Sharek portal, all video was hand-screened prior to being used. They'll listen to accents.

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They will then decide whether or not it's too gruesome to post online. If it's too gruesome, it gets archived. If it's not too gruesome, it will be posted on the website. Our team goes through it to decide if they want to use it on TV, then to start getting a lot more context around it.

That's kind of at the heart of what we try to do, at least in TV and on the web, with the citizen video Just getting the video, you know, it's telling you what's happening right here, right now but it's not telling you why it's happening or what happened. So then our TV teams will do a lot more investigation before broadcasting it, and if it's editorially viable and it links into a broader story they'll then use it onscreen.

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A Window on the Arab Spring The Sharek portal received a major boost with the domino effect of Mideast demonstrations and protests known as the Arab Spring. As civic uprisings swept through Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and many more countries, Al-Jazeera was there to receive the historic first-person footage.

A lot of this footage was driving our coverage onscreen and online. We've been doing this for quite a while so it's been very much at the core strategy of what we have been doing," said Minty.

Having the platform ready and training our staff and journalists meant that when the Arab Spring happened we were well prepared. Much of what was uploaded was simply too graphic to post.

It won't make it to screen or to our websites. A tank opened fire on a building just recently. What happened in Houla, in Syria, you know, with the children.

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We had pictures and videos of people with their heads blown off just about. Living with those images can be difficult. We're hoping to launch in June this year. So the backend is streamlined across all our channels; that was one of the first needs.

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The second one is obviously the community: We want it to be about the people. We want to encourage people to tell stories.

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The new portal is also going to be a lot more editorially driven. We will be putting assignments up depending on our editorial focus and our news cycle.

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It will enable people to discuss the events, so it's all about the community and people. That's really the biggest difference between the two. At the highest level people can moderate content.

So, if someone is a very trusted contributor-their content is verified often, we use it onscreen and it's relevant to our audience- that person would get a good trust rating and that would enable the content to be published automatically.

That's a big shift from where we are right now, where everything goes into a moderation queue. Also, the community will vote up or down on users and the type of content that they submit.

That should empower the community and encourage people to submit more accurate information to us. So whether a citizen journalist's hotspot is in the Mideast, South America, Europe, or even North America, they'll be able to contribute.

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