Best Reasonably Priced Sports Watches For Less Than 60

Friday, February 7, 2020 4:32:46 AM

Watches that will last you a lifetime, providing rock-solid build quality, clear and legible design, excellent night-time visibility and resistance to water that will weather everything the average wearer will throw at it. Those are the criteria we have used to compile this list. Further to that we have focussed on those watches which combine those basic strengths with appealing design and value for money.

The 20 Best Men's Watches Under $

The Inexpensive Watch Guide

Whether it's for new collectors, collectors on budgets, or helping other people get excited about watches for the first time, there are plenty of reasons why one might not want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a top-tier mechanical watch.

But I was charmed by the Timex Marlin Ladies' watch released late last year. The 34mm case boasts vintage proportions and the rose gold albeit plated is a really nice hue.

27 Best Watches for Men Under $

If you're looking for a steal with a lot of look, this watch is it. They offer good value, solid in-house watchmaking, and in many cases artisinally produced dials that highlight Japan's legendary Shokunin culture, which emphasizes the mastery of a highly specific skill over time.

Top 50 Best Watches Under $ For Men

The watch that we have here features a dial made of Arita porcelain by Hiroyuki Hashiguchi and a team of craftsmen on the Japanese island Kyushu. Too often there is a sense that when you buy something affordable it must be somehow ordinary or lack real human touch.

It's nice to see watches like this one that disprove that notion. It's the watch, taken from the perspective of the most modern quartz wristwatch technology, reduced to its essentials.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Top-of-the-range speed and distance models are not within everybody's price range, so what are the features you should look for in a mid-range version?

The monobloc steel case is water resistant to meters, with a hardened titanium Duratect exterior; there's a screw down crown and a synthetic sapphire crystal, and the watch is light-powered courtesy Citizen's Eco-Drive technology. By the numbers alone it's a lot of watch for the money but like many classic tool and field watches, there is something about it that is much more than the sum of its parts — in its pursuit of absolute pragmatism, it actually transcends pragmatism to achieve a purity of design that makes it aesthetically satisfying as well.

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