Best Tv For Watching Sports 2018

Friday, September 6, 2019 11:53:43 PM

And it's not just about picking the priciest or the shiniest: there is now so much choice in the range of quality 4K TVs available now that you can get a good gaming TV for far less money in Also, the best TV for watching movies on might not be the best for games: not all TVs are created equal, after all.

Best TVs To Watch Sports

Contrast and colors not as great Average viewing angles If money really is an issue, but you still want a large TV that can handle your PC games, the NU series from Samsung is your savior. With game mode enabled, this TV manages a Hz refresh rate with a 15ms response time, which is very much the average for TVs that are double the price of this one.

So, you're getting excellent performance for what you pay.

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Then again, you're paying roughly a quarter of the price. You get all Samsung's smart features built into this TV too, such as the mobile app, Bluetooth sharing, a universal TV guide, and all that kind of stuff. What's more, the NU also has Steamlink, which is super handy for PC gaming, and the panel itself is fast enough to keep up with the majority of games.

While this TV won't wow guests, or have the best viewing angles for parties or whole-household use, it's a great one to replace a gaming monitor, or to host a smaller PC built into a living room set-up.

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How we test gaming TVs In assessing all of the main TVs around for their gaming capabilities, we focused on four main performance elements. First, input lag: how long a screen takes to render image data received at its inputs. This is critically important to gamers. Next, we considered contrast.

How well a display is able to reproduce the darkest and brightest parts of a gaming image is essential to a truly satisfying game experience. Especially now many games are supporting the expanded brightness range associated with HDR.

Curved TV vs. Flat Screen TV

This lets us know how far a set can go towards achieving the sort of extreme brightness levels HDR gaming is capable of.

Colour performance was also carefully scrutinized, paying attention to the richness, balance, consistency, freedom from striping noise and authenticity of the tones being shown.

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Finally, we looked a motion and sharpness. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. Read our affiliate policy for more info.

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