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Monday, November 18, 2019 8:38:37 AM

Seeing a hot tag next to a player's name might be enough to pique your interest, but you need to look deeper to see if Gerardo Parra is really worth your time after a fast start. So, while we provide plenty of information, there are plenty of other worthwhile resources around the net if you want to take a deeper look at some players on your own.

How to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome

General TAB Here you have 4 options to switch on and off: 1 Show the arb calculator on each bookmaker - if switched ON, the calculator for the selected arb will appear on each opened bookmaker in the top left side of the window.

The calculator could be resized by dragging the bottom right corner or could be collapsed by clicking on the Odds Navigator logo located on the left side, outside the calculator.

This option will only work if option 1 is switched ON. This option will only work if options 1 is switched ON.

Chrome Experiments

Note that if you have enabled option 3 if you make calculations on some other computer it will also trigger the calculate action on each computers which will try to populate the amounts in the betslips on each computer where this function is turned on.

Don't forget to hit the SAVE button on the bottom or the top left side after you make any changes! Bookmakers TAB Here you could set to what stage each bookmaker should be navigated. In case you need a different domain to be added just let us know.

Odds Navigator

Each outcome will be opened in a new browser tab. The automatically entering the amount in the betslip doesn't work for this option. By clicking here you will be redirected to this page and scrolled to the information for this bookmaker.

In case after clicking the link you are redirected to this page and an alert appears - it means that this bookmaker doesn't require any special settings. All the settings for navigating bookmakers are listed in the manual on this page in section "Special bookmakers settings".

How to Make Sure a Chrome Extension is Safe Before Installing It

In case you have made the settings and it still doesn't navigate, send us an email to let us know and provide as much as possible details like - is the problem for Live or PreMatch, record a video if possible, what exactly is not navigating the event, the betslip, the amount in the betslip and etc.

It is recommended to refresh the bookmakers pages after changing these settings. Information TAB Here you could see information like the version of the App, link to the manual of the plugin, and when your access to the navigation expires only in case you have purchased access for navigating multiple computers.

IMPORTANT - navigating one computer is absolutely for free and your navigation on your local computer will still work no matter it is shown as expired.

You will be notified if a new version of the Chrome extension is released in your ArbMate's account notifications. Here you will find the settings to be made for the bookmakers which require such.

If the bookmaker is not listed here it means it doesn't need special settings to be made in order to navigate. Pinnacle You must be logged in first! These settings are only for pinnacle. Please note that if you are using it's clones like pinb This is because the pinb Also, pinb SBObet You must be logged in first!

WilliamHill 1 Decimal odds 2 Make sure you are on sports. Here you will find all video lessons. It is not necessary to close all of your browsers as before to get the updated list with bookmakers.

Google Chrome WARNING

Small styling and performance fixes. In case the navigation is not working please contact us to support arbmate. For example: which domain www. Video recording of the problem will be much appreciated and will help us fix it faster!

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